Pokémon Scarlet

Welcome to the open world of Pokémon!
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Discover new Pokémon on a boundless, open-world adventure!

The Pokémon series takes an evolutionary step with Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet on Nintendo Switch. Journey together with friends as you explore freely in an open world inhabited by new Pokémon!

Welcome to the Paldea region!

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Adventure awaits in the Paldea region, a sprawling land of vast open spaces dotted with lakes, towering peaks, wastelands and perilous mountain ranges.

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Go freely back and forth between three grand stories as you follow your own path. Beat the eight Gyms spread across the region – in any order – to prove your strength and aim for the Champion Rank!

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Enrol at the prestigious academy located in the heart of the Paldea region and study alongside Pokémon. Here you’ll be given a special independent study project known as the “Treasure Hunt”, a grand excursion to hone your skills as a Pokémon Trainer!

Let’s meet some of the friends and teachers who’ll aid your studies.

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Your friend Nemona is sunny, energetic and absolutely loves Pokémon battles! As an experienced Pokémon Trainer, she’ll serve as a reliable guide on your journey.

CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Paldea_Slider_Bg_Professor_Sada.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Paldea_Slider_Professor_Sada.png

Professor Sada

Professor Sada is carrying out research into certain lore passed down in the region…

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Your classmate Penny is rather shy and doesn’t come to the academy very often, but you can’t fail to spot her thanks to the fluffy Eevee bag she carries on her back!

CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Paldea_Slider_Bg_Clavell.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Paldea_Slider_Clavell.png


The academy’s director Clavell is strict, but kind, and will teach you many things about your new school.

CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Paldea_Slider_Bg_Arven.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Paldea_Slider_Arven.png


Senior student Arven is good at cooking and is researching recipes to help Pokémon feel better, but he needs your help when it comes to battling!

CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Paldea_Slider_Bg_Jacq.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Paldea_Slider_Mr_Jacq.png

Mr. Jacq

Your homeroom teacher Mr. Jacq is very knowledgeable about Pokémon biology, though he sometimes loses himself in his research.

CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Paldea_Uniform_1_Scarlet.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Paldea_Uniform_2.jpg

The academy has different kinds of uniforms, ranging from short sleeves to warm blazers. Customise your Trainer’s eyes, mouth, hairstyle and eyebrows, and collect a wide variety of accessories to express your own unique style!

Meet new Pokémon

Choose your first partner Pokémon from Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. Which Pokémon will you start with?

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CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Starter_Grass.png CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Starter_Fire.png CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Starter_Water.png
CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Starter_Grass.png CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Starter_Fire.png CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Starter_Water.png


Category: Grass Cat Pokémon

Type: Grass

Capricious and attention seeking, it may sulk if it sees its Trainer giving attention to a Pokémon other than itself.



Category: Fire Croc Pokémon

Type: Fire

Fuecoco is laid-back and does things at its own pace. It loves to eat, and it will sprint towards any food it finds with a glint in its eye.



Category: Duckling Pokémon

Type: Water

This serious-mannered Pokémon will follow in its Trainer’s wake. It’s tidy, and it especially dislikes getting its head dirty.


The Paldea region is home to many other new Pokémon, including Paldean forms of Pokémon you may have encountered in previous Pokémon adventures.

Legendary modes of transport


You’ll encounter Koraidon in Pokémon Scarlet and Miraidon in Pokémon Violet. These Legendary Pokémon are shrouded in mystery and are said to have powers that far surpass that of other Pokémon.

Koraidon and Miraidon can change their forms to better suit the terrain. Ride these Legendary Pokémon to traverse the expansive Paldea region and explore every nook and cranny.


Traverse the expansive Paldea region more freely and at full speed!


Approach Pokémon in rivers, lakes and oceans or cross perilous waters in a snap!


Jump from mountains or tall buildings and glide towards your destination!

Add some shine to battles!

CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Terastal_1.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Terastal_2.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Terastal_3.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Terastal_4.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Terastal_5.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Terastal_6.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Terastal_7.jpg

The Terastal phenomenon is found only in the Paldea region and makes Pokémon shine and glimmer like gems. Terastallize a Pokémon at strategic moments during battles to activate its Tera Type, increasing the power of moves that have the same type as your Pokémon’s Tera Type and changing your Pokémon’s weaknesses!

CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Tera_Raid_1.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Tera_Raid_2.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Tera_Raid_3.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Tera_Raid_4.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Tera_Raid_5.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Tera_Raid_6.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Tera_Raid_7.jpg

Team up with three other Trainers in Tera Raid Battles, where you take on a Terastallized wild Pokémon within a time limit. Attack seamlessly without waiting for other Trainers’ turns and cheer on ally Pokémon to boost their stats!

Enjoy Pokémon with friends

CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Friends_1.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Friends_2.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_Friends_3.jpg

Share the joy of discovery as you and up to three other Trainers explore the Paldea region together in local or online co-op! Spend time with your friends, cheering each other on in wild Pokémon battles and showing off the Pokémon that walk along with you.

CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_BattleStadium_1_EN.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_BattleStadium_2_EN.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_BattleStadium_3.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_BattleStadium_4_EN.jpg CI_NSwitch_PokmonScarletViolet_BattleStadium_5_EN.jpg

Use the Poké Portal to trade and battle with Trainers all over the world! Find your favourite Pokémon, complete the Pokédex and hone your skills against online rivals at the Battle Stadium.

Venture beyond the Paldea region with Pokémon Scarlet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero!

Experience new stories, explore new areas and meet new people and Pokémon with the paid DLC, Pokémon Scarlet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero!

Pokémon Scarlet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero

Pokémon Scarlet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is only compatible with Pokémon Scarlet for Nintendo Switch.

Looking for Pokémon Violet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero?

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero contains the below content.

New Uniform Set – available now!


When you purchase The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, you can claim a New Uniform Set*, which includes uniforms for summer, autumn, winter and spring that you can use at once in Pokémon Scarlet.

Part 1: The Teal Mask – available now!


Take a school trip to the tranquil Land of Kitakami, whose people live at the base of a great mountain. Wear a traditional jinbei outfit as you meet new friends and Pokémon and unravel the mysteries behind the folk tales of this land. Encounter Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti – three Pokémon celebrated by the people of the village as heroes who protected the Land of Kitakami in the past. Discover the Legendary Pokémon Ogerpon with its fearsome mask!


Part 2: The Indigo Disk – available now!


Travel to the recently established Blueberry Academy, don the uniform and experience life as an exchange student at this unusual institute, which is located mostly under the ocean and specialises in Pokémon battles. Discover the Legendary Pokémon Terapagos, resplendent in its glittering aura!


Pokémon Scarlet + Pokémon Scarlet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero

Pokémon Scarlet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is only compatible with Pokémon Scarlet for Nintendo Switch.

Looking for Pokémon Violet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero?



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