Part Time UFO

Part time worker, full time UFO!
In Part Time UFO, fly Jobski the UFO around and complete odd jobs. Help out at a farm, support cheerleaders, cook up the ultimate dessert at a restaurant, build castles, and much more! Wherever Jobski goes, there are sure to be plenty of jobs waiting. At the centre of all this is Jobski's super special awesome claw. Use the claw crane to grab, move, and stack objects to complete jobs.

Job done? Think again! Completing all the part-time jobs unlocks Treasure Island, a puzzle-solver’s paradise that can also be explored in local co-op. Overcome ever more difficult challenges to progress from one room to the next in this mini adventure!
Game specifications
Release date
No. of players
Up to 2 players
Game file size
Supported languages
Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
Supported play modes
TV mode
Tabletop mode
Handheld mode

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Nintendo Switch Online
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