Good Job!

Another day on the job

Another day on the job

Rise through the ranks in your quest to become the new CEO of your dad’s company in Good Job! on Nintendo Switch! Together with a friend, climb the corporate ladder to take over the family business by tackling bizarre office problems – from building the company zen garden to delivering cubes of goo!

Office Orientation

Travel up the office building and solve the unique problems facing each department! Whether a package needs crushing in Logistics or the plants need watering in Recreation, it’s your job to help out your fellow workers by whatever means necessary. With enough experience on each floor, you’ll be calling the shots from the penthouse suite in no time.

Carefully drag pieces of office equipment around with just the press of a button, or create a slingshot using electrical cables to fling that projector into a meeting room! Use cranes and forklift trucks to gingerly move a container to its destination, or smash through a wall to get it there as quick as possible.

Each floor comes with its own unique set of puzzles and tools with which to solve them, so think outside the box – or demolish it with a printer – when trying to complete your next objective.

Risk assessment

You’ll be graded on your performance for each task – based on how many things you broke, the price of any items you may have destroyed, and how quickly you got the job done. While using a fire hose as a makeshift jetpack or catapulting packages about may get the task finished fast, you’ll rack up quite the invoice! Don’t worry about getting the sack – dad’ll foot the bill...

Evaluate whether a careful approach is the best idea, or whether a bit of wanton destruction will get the job done right. If you aren’t happy with your employee evaluation, you can always retry and aim for top marks.

To me, to you!

Need a hand cleaning up the company pool? Pass a Joy-Con to a fellow office worker and they can drop in at any time to help you on your journey to the top. Many hands do make light work after all – just be careful not to get in each other’s way!

Casual Fridays

Jazz up your business attire with a pair of butterfly wings, or perhaps a Viking helmet! Find the outfits and hats hidden within each level to make yourself extra stylish while on the job. You may have to cause a little mayhem to find some of them though...

Game specifications
Release date
Puzzle, Action
No. of players
Up to 2 players
Game file size
Supported languages
Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch
Supported play modes
TV mode
Tabletop mode
Handheld mode

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