Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Three realms, three houses, your decision.

Three realms,
three houses, your decision.


Shape the future of a continent on the verge of war in Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Nintendo Switch. Lead the students of one of three prestigious houses through their academic lives and in tactical, turn-based battles filled with new, strategic twists to overcome.

War draws near

The continent of Fódlan is divided by three ruling nations, and at its centre lies Garreg Mach Monastery, home to the Officers Academy where the future leaders of Fódlan train. As a travelling mercenary turned teacher, you must choose which of the Academy’s three houses to lead in their academic lives and on the battlefield.

The future of Fódlan rests on your decision…


From the battlefield …

Class assignments will see you and your pupils charge into strategic, turn-based skirmishes across Fódlan. In a series first, battalions of troops will follow your units to support them on the battlefield. How your students fare in these battles depends on your leadership, so strategise as the fight progresses to lead your army to victory.


… to the Academy

Nurture your pupils' talents and help them reach their full potential at the Officers Academy. Freely roam the grounds of the Garreg Mach Monastery between lectures to undertake assignments and get to know your students to increase your bond with them and gather useful intel.


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass

Continue your journey in Fire Emblem: Three Houses with four waves of downloadable content!

The Expansion Pass includes:

Wave 1 – Out Now!

  • Officers Academy outfits for Byleth

Wave 2 – Out Now!


Dress for success, get new valuable items, and take on new challenges.

  • Five additional Auxiliary Battles
  • New Auxiliary Battle background music (can be selected in the Option Menu)
  • A Sacred Items Set containing four stat-boosting items (Movement +2, Max. HP +7, Str +3, Spd +3)
  • New types of attire (House Loungewear) for most students
  • A pair of glasses for Byleth to wear

Wave 3 – Out Now!


Enjoy additional quests, more units, and a new sauna.

  • Recruit Anna by completing a special quest
  • Unlock a sauna at the monastery via a new quest
  • The ability to interact with cats and dogs at the monastery can be earned through a new quest
  • Maid and butler battalions
  • New types of attire (Servants Attire, Summer Wear, and Evening Wear) for most students

Wave 4: Cindered Shadows – Out Now!

Meet the Officers Academy’s secret fourth house, the Ashen Wolves, in a new side story featuring new characters, locations and more!


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass


Fire Emblem: Three Houses + Expansion Pass Set

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The land of Fódlan is ruled by three mighty realms.

At its centre lies Garreg Mach Monastery, home of the Church of Seiros, the main religion in Fódlan, as well as the Knights of Seiros.

Not only does the church serve to maintain order throughout the continent, its monastery also houses the prestigious Officers Academy. Those who train here will go on to shoulder the future of Fódlan.


You begin as a travelling mercenary in a group led by your father, Jeralt. After an unexpected incident reveals your hidden power, you’re invited to become a professor to one of three noble houses at the Officers Academy.

At the same time, you alone begin to see a mysterious girl named Sothis within your dreams…

Before you choose one of the three houses to lead, let’s meet some of the characters who’ll join you on this adventure.

Sothis is a mysterious being who appears in your dreams. With no memories of her past and wisdom beyond her appearance, she speaks as though she lives within your head, but no one else is aware of her existence.





Jeralt is your father and former Captain of the Knights of Seiros. A skilled warrior, Jeralt is praised as the strongest knight in its history. Following his departure from the Knights of Seiros and the passing of his wife, he has been travelling as the leader of a mercenary group. After saving students from bandits, Jeralt enlists in the Knights of Seiros once again.

Rhea is the Archbishop and supreme leader of the Church of Seiros. She has held this position ever since Jeralt belonged to the Knights of Seiros. She considers you to be highly qualified and invites them to teach at the Officers Academy. She treats people gently as a loving mother would, but also passes merciless judgement on those who defy the Church.




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Choose your house!

Your first order of business as the Officers Academy’s newly appointed professor will be to choose which of its three noble houses you want to teach. The students in these houses have their own skills and personalities, and each house is represented by a royal from one of the three Fódlan territories.

As their professor, you’ll be expected to guide students in their academic lives and on the battlefield, so choose your house wisely!

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The lessons of war

Training the future leaders of Fódlan requires more than academic learning within the walls of the Officers Academy. Escort your class on field trips across the continent where they’ll gain real combat experience by defeating bandits and supressing rebellions.

But take care – though you might have taught your students well, their lives still depend on your leadership!

Learning from experience

As their leader, command your army to move, defend and fight their way across a grid-based battlefield in tactical, turn-based RPG combat. No two missions are the same, and you’ll need to strategise as the battle progresses to claim victory.


Use your army’s weapons and skills to counter the enemy’s advance and take advantage of different terrains, such as forests that provide additional cover when you’re in a pinch.

Divine intervention

Should things go awry or someone falls in battle, make use of the Divine Pulse – a gift from the goddess Sothis herself – to rewind time and reconsider your strategy.

A word of warning though: you can only rely on Divine Pulse a limited amount of times per battle, so save it for the right moment!

The rules of engagement

Both on the battlefield and in the classroom, students can develop multiple combat styles – known as classes – and wield a variety of weapons. Swords and lances excel in close-range combat, axes provide heavier offence and bows deliver long-distance strikes. Some classes can even use magic, cavalry and aerial attacks.

Classes and weapons have different strengths and weaknesses – a great leader knows how to exploit these to their advantage on the battlefield! For example, swords are strong against axes but weak against lances, while airborne Pegasus Knights take heavy damage from archers.


By assigning a Battalion of soldiers to one of your officers-in-training, they’ll not only get a handy stat boost but also gain access to special attacks called Gambits.

These powerful troop-based attacks have many benefits, including status effects to help allies or hinder enemies, and if you coordinate these attacks with any classmates nearby, you’ll unleash a Gambit Boost to strike a devastating blow to the opposing forces!

Watching your back

Making sure your pupils get along is beneficial both off and on the battlefield, and as their professor, it’s up to you to help forge those bonds.

Pair up peers to fight the same foe, heal each other or give each other a boost using the Rally ability to strengthen their relationship, which in turn increases the power of their Gambit Boosts.


As they progress in their studies, your top students can be assigned Adjutants – fellow classmates who’ll support them on the battlefield by healing, defending or delivering follow-up attacks depending on the Adjutant’s class.

Casualties of war

Whether you’re new to the Fire Emblem series or a seasoned tactician, mix and match different difficulty and gameplay modes to find a play style that suits you. In Casual mode, fallen allies will be revived after each battle, but in Classic mode, those who die on the battlefield will be gone for good…

You can also fine-tune the strength of your enemies to make things interesting. For example, play Casual mode on Normal to help keep your army alive, or try Classic mode on Hard and really ratchet up the challenge!

Battles are just one half of your life in Fódlan. The other half lies within the walls of the Officers Academy…

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The leaders of tomorrow

Away from the battlefield, there’s still much for the students of the Officers Academy to learn. As their professor, you’ve been entrusted with their future – it’s up to you to guide each of them and help them hone their abilities so that they may reach their full potential!


Mark the date

There’s always something happening at Garreg Mach Monastery. Be sure to keep an eye on your monthly calendar and plan accordingly, preparing class for upcoming field trips and excursions.


Your calendar will also highlight other noteworthy events such as inter-house tournaments, opportunities to bond with pupils in your free time, and even birthdays – a gift is always welcome!

Pay attention!

Plan your lessons at the start of each week, choosing which of your class to teach and the skills they should focus on. Students then work diligently each day to learn how to wield different weapons, master the study of magic and acquire special skills such as horsemanship.


All work and no play will demotivate your class, so take a break from the classroom spend some time bonding with them outside of lessons to keep everyone keen. After all, motivation is the key to learning!

Hitting the books

While a student’s class and personal goals can help guide you, feel free to teach them whatever you like! Skills not linked to their class improve slower, but can still lead to learning new abilities.


If you notice someone is excelling in their studies, try recommending them for the Certification Exam. If they pass, they’ll move them into an advanced class, allowing them to push their abilities even further. It takes effort to pass the exam though, so make sure those you put forward are up to the test!

Time to yourself

Sundays are yours to enjoy as you wish! Spend time with your charges over a delicious meal, around the monastery or even in choir practice to improve morale among the class.

Or, you could explore the Officers Academy, take on side quests to help people in need, train with other teachers to improve your own skills or even network with students from rival houses. Who knows, you might be able to convince them to change their allegiance...

Most – but not all – tasks cost Activity Points which are in limited supply, so plan ahead to make the most of your days off!

Off to market


During your free time, pop by the Marketplace on the outskirts of the monastery to spend your hard-earned gold. Here, you’ll can top up on supplies, repair damaged weaponry or buy new munitions for your class, and hire and assign Battalions to bolster your army on the battlefield.

A gift from on high

If you head to the amiibo Gazebo within the grounds of Garreg Mach Monastery, you can scan compatible amiibo (sold separately) to obtain items.


If you scan an amiibo based on a character from the Fire Emblem series, you can unlock music from previous Fire Emblem games to listen to on Auxiliary Battle Maps.

The Officers Academy is just one half of your life in Fódlan. The other half lies out on the battlefield…

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