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Enjoy the Diner

Why not enjoy the diner? The moon is as full as it'll ever be, And there's even a drink fountain.

Enjoy the Diner is an adventure game where you'll wander into the eternal diner Moon Palace. Complete with a drink fountain!

About this Game:
Enjoy the Diner follows a multiple-choice format with point-and-click elements and is a relatively short adventure game. It typically takes 2-2.5 hours to complete (according to Waku Waku Games research). There are two different endings, and you will likely know when the story diverges. Be sure to save your progress before you make your fateful decision.

Game specifications
Release date
No. of players
1 player
Game file size
Waku Waku Games
Supported languages
Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English
Supported play modes
TV mode
Tabletop mode
Handheld mode

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Ⓒ Monthly Wetland. Developed by Studio Dragonet. Published by Waku Waku Games.