Astral Chain

Master thrilling synergetic combat

Master thrilling synergetic combat against an increasingly powerful alien invasion in ASTRAL CHAIN™, an exciting new action-adventure from PlatinumGames, only on Nintendo Switch. Join an elite task force and work together with a special living weapon to solve cases and save mankind!


The edge of extinction

In the near future, Earth has been invaded by otherworldly creatures known as chimeras. Corrupting the world with a mysterious substance called Red Matter, these monsters have forced mankind to take refuge on a multi-cultural city called the Ark.


Welcome to the force!

When the chimeras reach the Ark, the only hope for survival is Neuron, an elite police task force with a very special weapon codenamed Legion. Choose between two playable characters – one male, one female – to join Neuron’s ranks and work with the Legion to stop the invasion once and for all!


Please note: this software does not support the Nintendo Switch Online paid membership’s Save Data Cloud backup feature.

Multiplayer requires one compatible controller per player. Additional controllers (sold separately) may be required.



Police officers by trade, twins by blood – choose one of two siblings, then join the ranks of Neuron and work to solve the mystery of the invasion. With the help of a special living weapon called the Legion, battle together against the invaders and hunt for evidence to crack the case before mankind is wiped out!

Authorised for physical force!

Armed with a standard-issue triple-changing weapon, capable of taking the form of a baton, blaster or sword, every Neuron officer can hold their own in a scrap. By summoning their Legion to battle beside them though, they can really take the fight to the chimeras.

Your Legion will instinctively attack nearby enemies, but you can command it to approach a target of your choosing instead. Team up against one enemy or split up to take on different foes simultaneously when you’re outnumbered.

Timed to perfection

Watch for flashes of light appearing during attacks or after successfully dodging an incoming strike! Time your response to counter or, better yet, perform a Sync Attack with your Legion to do serious damage to the enemy. If your foe is weak enough, you might even strike a finishing blow – send in your Legion to rip out the enemy’s core and the Legion’s Limiter Gauge will refill, allowing it to continue fighting even longer!

The ties that bind

The chain that tethers you and your Legion isn’t just a leash, but a vital piece of offensive gear. Use it to wrap enemies and lock them down with a Chain Bind, or send enemies flying using the Chain Trap by catching them with it as they charge towards you.

Its uses extend outside of battles too! Use a Chain Jump to send your Legion over bottomless drops to out-of-reach areas, then pull yourself over to them so you don’t fall to your death!

The fist of justice

Each Legion has its own unique form and combat style, as well as special abilities that can be used both in and out of combat. By bonding with the different Legion forms over time, you’ll be able to switch quickly between them to take advantage of each one’s unique abilities.






Sword Legion

Sword Legion brings a strong balance of strength and speed. Rush in with multiple strikes or deliver a directed slash with more force behind it that can destroy enemies, obstacles and even currents of energy.

Arrow Legion

Allows you to keep your distance from enemy threats or need to take down airborne chimeras. For pinpoint precision, zoom in and aim manually at enemies and other targets with each shot.

Arm Legion

The bruiser of the team, able to pick up and throw objects both in and out of combat. Alternatively, wear this Legion like a suit of armour to overwhelm enemies with a flurry of high-speed punches.

Beast Legion

As agile as a wolf and twice as vicious, the Beast Legion can pounce towards an enemy and rip it to pieces with its claws. You can also ride on its back to make a quick escape from incoming attacks.

Axe Legion

Slower than the Sword Legion, but deals huge damage to anything nearby. The Axe Legion can summon a protective energy field and create explosive clones of its weapon to devastating effect.

Enhance, evolve, improve

By taking down chimeras, you’ll earn Gene Codes that unlock your Legion’s latent potential. Equip your partner with new skills, bolster their offensive and defensive attributes, or customise their appearance.


On the beat

Stopping the invasion requires proper police work too. Search for evidence on the streets of the Ark, questioning civilians for clues and using your standard-issue IRIS (Integrated Reality Imaging System) to view holographic projections of past events at crime scenes and watch footage from CCTV cameras.

Your Legion’s abilities come in handy for detective work too! Sniff out clues with the Beast, open heavy doors with the Arm, snipe and slash obstacles in your way with the Arrow and Sword, or even use it to eavesdrop on conversations from a distance.

Here to help, ma’am!

A police officer serves the public trust – don’t neglect your duties! Stop to help citizens in need while you’re on patrol and keep an eye out for locals suffering from low-level Redshift corruption that can be cured with help from your Legion.

It’s your duty to keep the street clean too – literally! Use your Legion to clean up any Red Matter you encounter, or collect trash off the ground to deposit in a nearby dustbin to earn some extra credits.


Straight from the source

Certain missions will see you and your Legion exploring the Astral Plane, an alternate dimension where it’s said the chimeras and Red Matter originate from. From battles against powerful enemies to puzzles and even platforming challenges – these visits will put you and your Legion’s capabilities to the test.


Calling for back-up!

Pass a Joy-Con with a friend to engage in some local co-op action! In this mode, one player controls the main character while the other controls the Legion. Work together and end the chimeras’ invasion once and for all!


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Multiplayer requires one compatible controller per player. Additional controllers (sold separately) may be required.
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