ARMS for Nintendo Switch lets you trade blows using extendable arms in a unique multiplayer fighting sport!
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Can you punch your way to the top?

Get ready to put ‘em up and do battle with a colourful cast of characters in ARMS for Nintendo Switch! In this unique fighting game, use your fighter’s stretchy weaponised arms to punch, thump and knock-out opponents.

Stretch your arms and grab victory!

Grab a Joy-Con in each hand and throw left and right punches at the opposition! Your fighter moves in line with your hands as you unleash a wide range of punches and other pugilistic moves. You can also jump, dash, block and grab – so stay cool and try to outmanoeuvre your opponents!

Find what fits!

The 15 colourful challengers that make up ARMS roster are brimming with personality, and they’ve got some tricks up their sleeve, too! For example, the buff Master Mummy recharges his health while guarding, whereas the silver screen queen Twintelle uses her actress aura to slow down incoming punches. And that’s not all!

Customise your fighters by attaching fists known as ARMS to their mitts. There are over 40 ARMS to choose from, and each one has different properties such as size, weight and elemental attribute. You can even attach different ARMS to your right and left fists! Combine different fighters and ARMS to find a fighting style that suits you best!

Make your mark or fight for fun!

All ARMS fighters share one dream: to win the Grand Prix. Fight through 10 battles in a row and try to grab that belt in Grand Prix mode! If you feel you’re championship material, why not hop online and challenge other players from all over the world in Party Match and Ranked Match modes?

There’s more to ARMS than simple one-on-one bouts of combat, though, as you can take part in a range of modes that’ll really test your might! Fight over a mask that gives you six ARMS in Hedlok Scramble, or push yourself to your limits and see how you get on against many opponents in a 1-on-100 battle!

Want to ditch the fighting altogether? Spike an explosive ball onto the opponent’s court in V-Ball, dunk your opponent and go for three-pointers aplenty in Hoops, or break as many targets as you can in Skillshot. There are all kinds of ways to enjoy ARMS!



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Game specifications
Release date
Action, Fighting
No. of players
Up to 4 players
Game file size
Supported languages
Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Russian
Supported play modes
TV mode
Tabletop mode
Handheld mode

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