Story of Seasons

Head to the countryside to start a rewarding new life in Story of Seasons, on Nintendo 3DS systems. Build a successful farm, make friends with the townsfolk and get involved in various events – there’s plenty to entertain experienced farmers, as well as those who are a little green!

After responding to an advert looking for new farmers, you take your first steps in your new home, a quaint hamlet called Oak Tree Town. Your small plot of land might not look much to start with, but with a little hard work and care, it’s sure to flourish! Grow a wide variety of crops, raise livestock including exotic alpacas and angora rabbits, and sell and trade your wares to bring in money to expand further.

Just as every farm is unique, so is every farmer, so you can customise your character’s appearance in any number of ways. Choose to play as a boy or girl, and unlock new outfits and accessories as you play. Some accessories can even bestow extra stamina, or increase the prices that your produce can be sold for.

As your flourishing farming career progresses, you’ll be able to add new buildings to your plot, opening up entirely new possibilities. Build the Cheese Factory to try your hand at making cheese and various other dairy products, set up a Pottery Studio to get arty, and more! You can also craft furniture to make your farmhouse feel like a home. Just find the necessary materials and blueprints, and you’re all set!

By snapping up some Mystery Seeds, you can even try your hand at growing crops that look remarkably like some famous Nintendo items! Get rid of wilted crops with a Fire Flower, keep your crops fresh for up to 30 days and make them more valuable with a Super Star, or immediately grow all nearby plants with a Super Mushroom!

Take advantage of the Trade Depot to trade with farmers in all kinds of exotic locations outside of Oak Tree Town. The traders’ desires will change over time, and it’s up to budding entrepreneurs to decide when to sell in order to make more money. Trading a wide variety of products like fertiliser, fish and milk, while buying items like silk and blueprints to create new tools, will attract more merchants to the village and give you more opportunities to maximise your profits!

There’s plenty to see and do when you’re not tending to your farm, too! You can take a relaxing trip to the river for some fishing or swimming, cook a variety of delicious dishes, visit exotic animals at the Safari or even participate in special events! In between all these activities, be sure to find the time to build friendships with the townsfolk – you might even meet that special somebody and begin a family of your own!

Even the most experienced farmers need a helping hand every now and again, and friends far and wide can help each other out in local and online* multiplayer modes. Head to a friend’s fields and give their crops and animals a boost, and communicate with text messages and emotes as you work together. Up to three players can visit a farm at a time, and each player will get a souvenir of their visit! Plus, other farmers you meet via StreetPass might show up in your town, so you’re never far from a friendly face.

Take a walk on the rural side in Story of Seasons on Nintendo 3DS systems!

  • Turn a ramshackle plot of land into a flourishing farm

  • Grow crops, raise animals, craft tools and furniture, and much more

  • Take a break from the farm by fishing, cooking and socialising with the locals

  • Farm with other players online* and via local multiplayer

*Wireless internet connection required.

Game specifications
Release date
No. of players
Up to 4 players

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