Heroes of Ruin

Create your own mercenary and battle forth on your own or join forces with other heroes in 4-player co-operative multiplayer.

Heroes of Ruin is a classic dungeon crawler, with some new surprises, available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. This action RPG game from Square Enix and n-Space Inc. has been custom-made for Nintendo 3DS and allows you to adventure solo, or play locally* and online** for an electrifying multiplayer experience.

The war raged for tens of years until powerful leaders of men stepped forth from the fray, these Lords established a fragile peace, keeping the threat of disharmony in check. When Lord Atraxis, founder of the city of Nexus, is struck ill by a terrible curse, the precarious balance looks to shift back towards bloodshed. A call is sent out across the walled city, and the world, promising immeasurably grand rewards to any who can find a cure to the sickness.

Among the dens of the city, where the hirelings and sell-swords dwell, an offer like that is something to be carefully considered, and from the far corners of the world emerge four mercenaries to form an uneasy, and terrifically deadly, alliance. They will venture beyond the crumbling walls of the bastion city to the twisted world outside, fraught with danger and filled with strange creatures. These mercenary heroes will hunt down the evil behind the curse, and together, end it forever.

Your adventure takes you to the wild places of the world, where you’ll come into contact with a diverse variety of creatures, with a range of fighting styles and skills. From elegant, evasive fencers, to full-on hulking brutes, your combat skills and tactical abilities will be pushed at every turn.

But to begin, you must choose from four distinct character types:

Gunslinger - A reformed criminal with a particularly shady past. Don’t ask too many questions about the enormous debt that he owes, or whom he owes. He prefers to keep his distance from foes, fights evasively and commands the use of bombs and pistols.

Vindicator - Fallen from grace in the eyes of his order, the Vindicator is a knight seeking redemption. He must make penance, desires only justice, and lays waste to his enemies with a mighty sword. His powers of healing and battlefield control help him to protect his allies in the heat of combat.

Alchitect - Driven by the burning desire to take her place as the most powerful spell-caster in the land, this student of magic from a faraway academy utilises cunning, strategy and ruinously destructive spells to bewilder and decimate groups of enemies.

Savage - This enormous brute with bladed fists has been cast out from his tribe, and seeks power enough to return to his people in a blaze of irrefutable glory. His speed and might make him the perfect warrior to put on the front line in any battle.

Once your character type is chosen, you can customise your appearance straight away for a personal touch. Over the course of your adventures your character will develop based on your individual choices - and your armour, fighting style, abilities, and more will evolve to become entirely unique.

While your objective is to rid Lord Atraxis of the curse cast upon him, you're also a mercenary, which means gold and glory should come at the end of a good day's work - and the best way to get both is by completing quests. On top of the main quests which move the story on, there are plentiful side quests to complete. Taking these on can garner you useful items or additional gold as rewards - and what merc doesn't like gold?

During your adventures you'll notice that the world itself is a dynamic place, meaning you’ll discover original layouts, new routes through the environment, and experience novel enemy encounters every time you play. You can venture forth solo or team up with friends as a party of up to four adventurers for drop-in/drop-out cooperative play, using the microphone to voice chat in real-time with your fellow mercenaries to devise strategies.

When playing online, you can adventure with those registered on your friends list, or choose to be matched up with random strangers. Playing with friends is known as forming an "Alliance" and has some interesting effects in-game: not only will you receive bonuses by playing with friends, but these bonuses will steadily improve if you continue to play together!

Heroes of Ruin takes advantage of the features of Nintendo 3DS to offer players, in addition to stereoscopic 3D visuals, a stream of exciting new content without them even having to lift a finger. For a full year after the launch of the game, daily challenges will be delivered to your system, further extending your adventure and providing valuable ways to gain experience. The Trader's Network, on the other hand, allows you to trade items with other players via StreetPass, so you can unlock valuable new weapons, armour and items while you're on the go.

On top of all this, Square Enix have their own official Heroes of Ruin website, where you'll find loads of news, info, a forum and more. At the website you can create a profile which you can link to your copy of the game for additional fun!

Enter a dynamic world of adventure, combat, and new experiences, with Heroes of Ruin on Nintendo 3DS.


  • Play on your own, or in a party including up to three others, locally or online.

  • Choose from four character classes and customise your appearance to make your character truly unique.

  • Custom-built for Nintendo 3DS, with stereoscopic 3D graphics and StreetPass functionality.

  • Dynamic environments offer new layouts and experiences each time you play.

*Multiple games and systems required.
**Wireless internet connection required. The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required.

Game specifications
Release date
No. of players
Up to 4 players

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