Enlist the mighty abilities of your happy little helpers in Hey! Pikmin on Nintendo 3DS

Enlist the mighty abilities of your happy little helpers in Hey! Pikmin on Nintendo 3DS

Oh no! Captain Olimar has crash-landed on an unknown planet!

In this charming side-scrolling adventure game, you’ll need to work together with the tiny Pikmin inhabitants to collect enough Sparklium Seeds (30,000, in fact!) to refuel the S.S. Dolphin 2 and return home.

But be careful… not everything on the planet is friendly!



Say hello to your little friends…

Pikmin are curious little creatures that seem to be a cross between a tiny animal and a plant!

They’re mini, they’re mighty, they’re loyal… and different types of Pikmin will use their unique skills to help Captain Olimar at the blow of a whistle!



Use the Touch Screen to fling your Pikmin friends at treasure or wildlife, (no worries – they don’t mind) and watch them get to work right away!

Pikmin power of amiibo


Unlock Secret Spots, grab bonus Sparklium, call extra Pikmin and more with compatible amiibo (sold separately)!

Pikmin amiibo

By sending more colourful critters to the Pikmin Park, you can level up the new Pikmin amiibo and call up to 20 Pikmin!

Captain Olimar amiibo

Tapping in the Captain Olimar amiibo allows you to call up to four additional Pikmin during a stage.

In addition to the new Pikmin amiibo and Captain Olimar amiibo, you can tap in amiibo (sold separately) from the Super Mario Collection, Splatoon Collection and Animal Crossing Collection to grab bonus Sparklium – and unlock Secret Spots containing a statue of the tapped-in amiibo.


Using amiibo

If you own a New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL or New Nintendo 2DS XL, you can use amiibo on the NFC area on the bottom screen.

You can also use amiibo on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS via the NFC Reader/Writer accessory (sold separately).

Psst! Check out your log book…

Captain Olimar has a rather…eccentric…way of seeing the world.


From generic household items to classic Nintendo relics, all of the treasures that you and your Pikmin acquaintances collect during Hey! Pikmin will unlock charming (and sometimes hilarious) entries in your log book – from Captain Olimar’s perspective!


Plus, when you tap in compatible amiibo, you’ll discover quirky log book entries describing some of your favourite Nintendo characters in ways you’ve never seen before!

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