Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches

At Nintendo, we define our corporate social responsibility (CSR) as putting smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches

The Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility Report details how we are working locally and globally to achieve this goal.

Please click here to read the Global CSR Report (available in English and Japanese).

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Here are some of Nintendo Australia’s recent CSR activities:

    • Bringing Smiles to Nintendo Australia employees and their families

      In July 2017, Nintendo Australia organized a ‘Bring your child to work event’. Approximately 30 children of Nintendo staff (ages 1 year - 18 years) attended this event. This gave the children a chance to better understand their parents’ roles at Nintendo and meet the people their parents work with.


    • Increasing Cyber-Safety Awareness

      Nintendo Australia has continued to work with the Australian government on a cyber-safety initiative. Protecting children from inappropriate material on the Internet is a major issue in Australia and around the world. To promote a better Internet environment, the government runs a cyber-safety website that provides information on how to use the Internet properly and how to protect personal information on the Internet. On this website, Nintendo Australia provides a range of information in an easy-to-read Q&A format about how to use Nintendo's products while they are connected to the Internet and how to set up Parental Controls.

    • Continuous Support for the Starlight Children's Foundation

      Nintendo Australia supports Starlight through various events throughout the year. In July 2017 the CSR Committee in collaboration with Starlight hosted an afternoon where seriously ill children were invited with their families to enjoy a fun time with “Mario” and “Luigi” at the Nintendo Australia premises and play games here at Nintendo Australia.


    • Bringing Smiles to the Community - International Games Day

      International Games Day (IGD) is an initiative run by volunteers from around the world and is supported by the Australian Library and Information Association (including Eastern Regional Libraries in Melbourne).

      The objective of IGD is to reconnect communities through their libraries around the educational, recreational and social values of all types of games. For the past 4 years Nintendo Australia has been supporting the Eastern Regional Libraries by participating in this event.


    • Promoting Employee Understanding of Nintendo's CSR

      At Nintendo Australia, the CSR Committee aims to increase employee understanding of CSR by sending out a CSR newsletter to all employees. In fiscal year 2017, the committee published four newsletters, showcasing their recent CSR initiatives. One issue highlighted a program that brought the children of employees to work, to show the children what kind of work their parents perform for Nintendo Australia. The inclusion of pictures drawn by the children and photographs of the event helped to bolster employee interest in the newsletter, and this increased readership further promoting a deeper understanding of CSR activities among employees.

    • Holding Diversity Awareness Events

      At Nintendo Australia, employees of various cultural backgrounds work together. In an effort to help employees understand cultural differences on a deeper level, the CSR Committee has organized diversity-themed events for the past two years. As part of the Diversity Food & Games event the committee invited employees to bring food or games that represented their cultural background to share with other employees. Employees wore traditional costumes from their culture and ate dishes from different countries while discussing cultural traditions.