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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

In Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, a unique RPG for Wii U, budding stars of the stage and screen from Tokyo team up with legendary warriors from the world of Fire Emblem against the forces of darkness.

Publisher : Nintendo

Release Date : Out Now

Players : 1

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Sing, dance, destroy!

In Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, a unique RPG for Wii U, budding stars of the stage and screen from Tokyo team up with legendary warriors from the world of Fire Emblem against the forces of darkness.


Unlocked potential

Follow a group of would-be icons as they aim for the top in the entertainment industry, while also preventing spectre-like Mirages from invading our world. While a large number of Mirages are intent on destruction, the young heroes are able to partner with more noble Mirages and fight back, harnessing extraordinary abilities and stylish special moves to protect our world.



Explore Tokyo, including well-known areas such as Shibuya and Harajuku. On the journey to superstardom, take part in side stories that help the heroes achieve their personal goals, whether it’s to appear on a certain television show or set foot on stage. When you’re not chasing dreams, venture into the nightmarish dungeons of the Idolasphere to confront Mirages and get to the bottom of their mysterious invasion. There are all sorts of weird and not-so-wonderful obstacles around the Idolasphere, so stay on your toes at all times!



Fight for your rights

Take centre stage and face enemies in enchanting turn-based battles. Use an array of techniques to overcome any opponent, including show-stopping Ad-lib Performances and Duo Arts, where two stars collaborate to deal out damage! If you hit an enemy with a super effective attack, you might also launch into a Session – a combo that can feature attacks from all members of your party that’s sure to bring the house down!

Stay social

Whether you’re poking around in shops in Tokyo or delving deep into the Idolasphere, keep up to date with your allies via Topic, a social media stream accessible through the Wii U GamePad. Exchange messages with other characters to gain fresh insights, build friendships and maybe unlock side quests! You can also use the GamePad to check out maps while you’re wandering, or get more information on party members and enemies mid-battle.

Discover two worlds with one heroic destiny and reach your true star potential in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, only on Wii U.


Special Edition

From launch, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will also be available as a software special edition* – Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: Fortissimo Edition.

This special pack contains Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on a Wii U Game Disc, an Artbook, Sound Selection CD, Song Lyric Cards, Stickers and an Extra Content Download Code.

  • Aim for the top of the entertainment industry and protect the world in a stylish RPG
  • Explore Tokyo and delve into the creepy dungeons of the Idolasphere
  • Put on your best performance in over-the-top turn-based battles
  • Stay in touch with other characters, view maps and see battle stats on the Wii U GamePad


*Please check with your local retailer for information on current availability.



Important information

Unfortunately, due to a printing error, the Artbook included as part of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: Fortissimo Edition contains a misprint. We sincerely apologise for this error.

At the end of the Artbook, the sign-off of the first developer message should read:

“Chief Director/Game Designer Mitsuru Hirata”

We would like to deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for your understanding in this matter, as well as your continued support.



Please note: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is only available with Japanese voiceover and English on-screen text.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE