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Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Grow and expand a farm all your own, discover three unique towns and make new friends in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns for Nintendo 3DS family systems.

Publisher : Nintendo

Release Date : Out Now

Players : TBD

Availability : In-store / Downloadable

Mild themes, online interactivity

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

As a new season begins, a new adventure awaits.



Your farm

Get a fresh start in the countryside, as you transform a humble homestead into a thriving farm by growing a variety of seasonal crops and raising all sorts of different livestock. Harvest produce and wares to trade or sell, and customise your farm with new furniture, decorations and buildings.

There’s plenty for seasoned ranchers to get stuck into, while fresh-faced farmhands can learn the basics and master their newfound career at their own pace.


Your community

Discover three towns, each with their own different cultures. Explore the frontier-themed Westown, wander through the rice paddies of Tsuyukusa, or enjoy the seaside paradise of Lulukoko.

Each town has its own shops where you can buy and sell items, and range of residents to befriend, too! Help out the townsfolk by taking on all manner of part-time jobs to earn rewards – including outfits based on characters from the Super Mario series.

As time passes in-game, the seasons will change, ushering in new events, festivals and competitions to take part in. Get involved and become a part of the community!


Your choice

Fancy a break from the farm? Enjoy a spot of fishing, catch insects, serve up scrumptious meals, or just mingle with the locals. Get to know your neighbours, build up friendships and – you never know – maybe you’ll meet that special someone…

On top of all that, join other farmers online* or in Local Play to explore an uninhabited island! What you do is entirely up to you!


What’s new?

Three towns to explore

Venture outside your homestead to discover a trio of unique and exciting towns. Each of these settlements has its own culture to enjoy, locations to visit, shops to peruse and townsfolk to befriend.


The cream of the crop

There are all new crops such as paprika and lychee and you can even enhance your produce by using different kinds of fertiliser to change their colour, size or juiciness. Unique crops will fetch higher prices on the market so experiment and see what happens!


Who doesn’t love having a pet?

There are many breeds of cats and dogs to choose from – or for something a bit different, why not have a capybara as a pet?

Assign a pet to be your ‘furmiliar’ and they’ll never leave your side…except when they venture out to other players’ farms via StreetPass to bring back gifts. How sweet!


You’re hired

Got some time to spare? Help out the residents of each town by completing odd jobs like chopping wood or running little errands. It’s a great way to get to know the locals and will put extra money in your pocket too!



Completing certain jobs will unlock outfits based on characters from the Super Mario series. Donning one of these iconic outfits will power up your farming abilities, giving you increased running speed, recharging your stamina faster or upping your chances of reeling in rare fish!

Explore a mysterious island

Invite up to three other players to explore an uninhabited island online* or via Local Play. Go fishing with your fellow farmers, or seek out a special stone plinth that can transform certain items into something even more special…


Farm Life

After settling into your new home in the countryside, set to work transforming a huge plot of open land into a thriving farm filled with crops, livestock, and more.

The farm is yours to run as you see fit, so have fun learning the tricks of the trade at your own laidback pace.


Create your farmer

Before starting this new adventure, choose to play as a boy or a girl and customise your hairstyle, skin tone and more. Unlock new outfits and accessories as your farm expands, and have fun creating your own fashionable farmer!


From soil to success

Clear the land, plant dozens of different types of crops and nurture them until they’re ready to harvest. Anything grown on the farm can be used or traded in the nearby towns. With fertiliser, improve the colour, sweetness or size of your crops and sell them at a high price!


Care for your livestock

Animals aren’t just a cute addition to the farm, they’re also a source of many useful items! Look after cows, chickens, sheep, alpacas and more – if you take good care of your livestock each day they’ll provide milk, eggs, wool and more in return.


A cuddly best friend

Choose a cuddly companion from all sorts of cats and dogs, or even befriend a capybara! Pets aren’t just fun to play with and take on walks, each one has a special ability that’ll make life on the farm a little easier too. Designate a pet to become your ‘furmiliar’ and they’ll visit other players’ plots via StreetPass to bring back gifts.


Make your home your own 

Expand your growing farm by adding new facilities or crafting furniture. Install a kitchen and learn to cook hundreds of tasty dishes or build a workshop to create processed items like cheese, mayonnaise and cloth!


Change with the seasons

As time passes in the game, so too do the seasons! Certain crops will only grow in certain seasons, so take care when planning each delicious harvest. The townsfolk will change their daily routines as the leaves turn, and there are all sorts of festivals, celebrations and competitions to look forward to all year round.


Town Life

Your humble home sits at the crossroads of three exciting towns!

There’s plenty to see and do in each town: explore shops and markets for tools, outfits, and groceries, greet friendly folk, take on part-time jobs and help to improve the towns themselves.

Be sure to take in each town’s unique atmosphere, mingle with the locals and take part in seasonal competitions and festivals. You may even meet that special someone!



A quaint settlement near the mountains that’s brimming with rustic charm. Drop by the market to stock up on supplies, chow down at the famous Garden Grill restaurant, or head over to Uncle Frank’s to learn some handy farming tips.



This old-fashioned town in the East is home to a rambling river that’s perfect for a spot of fishing, beautiful rice paddies to wander through and a teahouse where you can unwind. Say, d’you think they’ll reopen that spa sometime soon?



Situated close to the ocean, it’s hardly surprising that Lulukoko is renowned for its fresh seafood and tropical fruits! Order a delicious dessert at the seaside café Carosello, soak in the town’s relaxing vibe or explore the mysterious ruins – maybe you’ll uncover a secret or two?


Love is in the air

Build relationships with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes from each town, and you may find someone special. Pop by for a chat, give them presents and accompany them to seasonal events to learn more about their stories. IF the magic happens you could fall in love, get married and start a family together!



*Wireless internet connection required. The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required.
Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns