Blue Ringed Octolings – 2017 AUNZ Splatoon Cup Grand Final champions – share advice in this fresh Q&A session!

Blue Ringed Octolings – 2017 AUNZ Splatoon Cup Grand Final champions – share advice in this fresh Q&A session!

Splatoon Q&A with 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational contenders, Blue Ringed Octolings


Learn more about the epic contenders of the April 29th 2017 AUNZ Splatoon Cup Grand Final – in two exclusive Q&A interviews with Blue Ringed Octolings and $¢arthAce!

In this Q&A interview, we fired some Splatoon questions at Blue Ringed Octolings, and here’s what they had to say…

Blue Ringed Octolings are:

Latias (Perth)
BickiBird (Darwin)
Madi-Kuma (Invercargill)
SpongeBev (Melbourne)

What was your first experience with the Splatoon series?

BickiBird: I’ve always been a Nintendo fan since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System came out and it is tradition in my family to always buy the new Nintendo console - no matter what it is… in 2015 there was a Splatoon and Wii U bundle that seemed to be a pretty good deal. I knew hardly anything about Splatoon - I thought it was a spin-off game from the Mario series about Blooper the squid. After trying the game, I got hooked and have been hooked ever since.

What do you like most about Splatoon?

SpongeBev: The in-game world has remarkable charm, and the gameplay is exhilarating and engaging. It’s extremely satisfying to work as part of a team and claim victory together, and strive to improve.

Madi-Kuma: Two things:

  1. The replayability - no two matches are the same, even if you're playing against the same team, same map, same mode, same weapon comp, it's going to be different the second time around. Every second of the match counts.
  2. The community - I've met so many lovely people and had such wonderful conversations around the game.


What would be your advice for newcomers to the Splatoon series?

Latias: Find some friends to play Splatoon with. It doesn't matter what your skill level is or what weapon you use. As long as you find a few people to squad with (and that you enjoy playing with), you'll be able to improve and you'll also have more fun whilst playing the game.

Madi-Kuma: Get involved with the community! There are loads of people willing to help you improve and play with. It's a pretty diverse community and you can have some real fun when you get a private battle happening. Aside from that - don't be afraid of the training yard, it's a great place to mess around and get a feel for weapons and how gear affects them.

Learn more about Splatoon at the official gamesite, below:


What's your weapon of choice and why?

SpongeBev: I’m in love with the series of N-Zaps; the ‘85, ’89 and ’83. The fast movement speed along with the fantastic ink efficiency truly stands out to me, as it feels immensely mobile. Combined with the versatile sub weapons and specials, it’s difficult for me to want to play anything else. Not to mention the snazzy design, on top of it all.


What's your personal go-to strategy when you're playing Splatoon with your friends?

Madi-Kuma: It's important to work as a team - don't try to do everything yourself. Some weapons are better at different tasks so try to coordinate with your team in a way that means every weapon is being used to its full potential.

SpongeBev: I like to support my teammates by covering as much ground as possible, while also using my tools to suppress approaches. An important skill is to always inform them of the enemy position and status. I tend to only go for kills when necessary and push the objective when the opportunity arises.

Do you have any advice for players who are trying to get better at Splatoon?

BickiBird: Try all the weapons and find one that you really enjoy using. Stick to that weapon and keep practising and you'll only get better. Once you believe you've done well with that weapon, you can move onto other weapons. You need to be patient and don't worry if you can't use all weapons.

Madi-Kuma: Practise makes perfect! Get involved in the community so you have plenty of opportunities to play with others and have discussions about the different aspects of the game.

Did you have any close calls in Heat 1 or Heat 2? What happened?

Latias: We didn't really have much trouble in Heat 1. In Heat 2 we barely won against RIP Tide in Winner's Round 2 on Tower Control at Walleye Warehouse. We got wiped in the first few minutes of the match and RIP Tide managed to push the tower to 5 points. In the last few seconds, we chained our Kraken specials and in overtime took the win.


Who has been the toughest team you've faced so far, and why?

SpongeBev: $¢arthAce. They are all naturally outstanding players, and we lacked the familiarity with them compared to the other teams we faced. Additionally, they have great weapon choices that mesh together well, limiting their weaknesses.

Latias: $¢arthAce has been hardest for our team. They play the tried and true "meta" weapons (e.g. Tentatek Splattershot, Zink Mini Splatling and E-litre 3K) and gear abilities (quick respawn + stealth jump). These things are meta for a reason, because it doesn't matter how times you are splatted, you'll respawn a second later and be able to stop the enemy's objective push or help push your objective when you've managed to overpower your enemy. Plus, $¢arthAce are skilled. They know when and when not to do something in the game, so it's hard to splat them all at once, especially when the weapons they use have quicker times to splat than ours, so we have very little room for error.


Can you share a Splatoon-related accomplishment or experience that you are proud of?


BickiBird: The highest rank I've reached is S+82. I've maxed the Turf Points (999,999) with both Octobrushes (vanilla and nouveau). I'm an admin of Oceanink Offensive and we have run Splatoon LAN events in Sydney and Adelaide (and Nintendo AUNZ have given us support by providing prizes for attendees). I've also appeared on Good Game Well Played at ABC talking about the Australian Splatoon scene. I am most proud of how tight-knit the Australian and New Zealand Splatoon community has become and I'm very happy to be a part of it.

Madi-Kuma: I run my own Splatoon-related YouTube which I am pretty proud of (MadiKuma). But aside from that I'm always really proud of Blue Ringed Octolings when we work together as a team. I think I got a KDR of 24/0 once with a sploosh on Turf Wars. It was when Moray Towers hadn't long came out and everyone was getting caught in my Killer Wails on the ramps.

SpongeBev: I was happy to reach S+ rank, and it was pleasant to find out I had achieved Splatfest Top 100 on Team Hoverboard. However, my favourite accomplishment was attaining 999,999p for all three N-Zap weapons on my profile.

Latias: Best score at the end of a match was 22-2.

What are you most looking forward to in Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch?


Latias: The growth of the Splatoon community. With a new console and game, it'll bring more people to the community, which can only help expand our knowledge of the game and be more fun.

SpongeBev: It will be a completely fresh experience. Brilliant aspects of the first game will be retained, such as the gyro controls and general gameplay, though it will refine old features as well. One welcomed example is the new gear system. There are compelling new ideas too, like the spectator mode, which will really enhance the game for many players.


Give us a fresh fact about yourself…

BickiBird: I'm a qualified veterinarian and a current PhD candidate. Naturally I love animals - my PhD is on birds though (not squids, unfortunately). I also love drawing. I've been a Nintendo fan since the SNES days. Never really been into shooter games until I came across Splatoon!

SpongeBev: I love SpongeBob SquarePants, and the collaboration for the SpongeBob vs. Patrick Splatfest was the greatest surprise I had received in a long time.

Latias: My favourite game series other than Splatoon is Pokémon.

Madi-Kuma: I'm an avid amiibo collector and love cats. One of my cats is named Yoshi after the Nintendo character. Gaming has been a part of my life for as long as I remember. My first gaming experience was Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt on the NES.

That’s a wrap!

Now check out our Q&A interview with Grand Final runner-up team, $¢arthAce, in the link below…



Congratulations to both teams on making it through to the Grand Final of the 2017 AUNZ Splatoon Cup – it’s a testament to your inking skills and fresh teamwork.


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