Become the freshest Power Egg collector with our Salmon Run tips!

Become the freshest Power Egg collector with our Salmon Run tips!

In Splatoon 2’s multiplayer* Salmon Run mode, you and up to three other Inklings will take on the role of Freelance Power Egg collectors.

Your mission? To work together with the other freelancers to defeat creatures of the Salmonid genus and collect the treasured Power Eggs they leave behind.

You’re even provided with special gear and weaponry to complete your task! Sound easy? Well, it’s not just one wave coming at you, it’s a horde!

Check out some of the recent field research we’ve undertaken in our Squid Research Lab – Salmon Run video, below:



Quick tips to help you go the EGGS-tra mile in your next Salmon Run…

Okay, so our team at the Squid Research Lab need a little more practise before they can call themselves true pro-fresh-ionals, but we’ve put together some quick tips and strategies to help you prepare for your first job with Grizzco Industries…

Communication & Co-operation

Communication and co-operation will be absolutely key in defeating the Salmonids, especially the Boss Salmonids that Inklings are paid a bounty to hunt.

Local play communication & co-operation

In local play, working as a team is essential, so learn the level together and come up with a common language for different areas, so that you can act fast when the going gets tough. Being able to call out “docks!” when you see the Salmonids appear at the ship docks can save precious seconds for your team.

This team-specific language is crucial in surviving each 100-second round, such as calling for backup, wording up your team on Golden Egg locations, or requesting a respawn.

Online play communication & co-ordination

Verbal communication works great when you’re playing locally, but what about online play, you ask?

Utilising the SplatNet2 voice chat on the Nintendo Switch Online app** can help you communicate and strategise with your online*** squad.

Alternatively, your controller’s D-pad allows you to send out basic signal commands to your teammates. For example, pressing ‘up’ will send out a “this way!” to grab attention (or “help!” if you’re splatted) and ‘down’ will send out a “booyah!” which your team can use as a signal for “there’s Golden Eggs here!”.

Online play is available at set event times. These part-time job offers will come up at regular opportunities, so make sure to look out for the latest announcements.

You need to be at least level 4 to take part in these events, so start your training now!


Balance your weapons

While the Splat Dualies may be fresh and awesome, weapon diversity is crucial in balancing the offense and defence of your team.

As a team, why not experiment with a few different types of weapons… you never know when executing a well-placed shot to an enemy’s weak spot with the perfect weapon for the job will save your tail!

Have a think about what your team needs before going in, and get in some practise with any unfamiliar weapons too… you might find out you’re actually pretty good with a Blaster!


Know your enemy

Dealing with Boss Salmonids is easy if you know their weak spots, but two or three at a time can be overwhelming! Knowing which ones to take out first will depend on your weapons, time, teamwork, and skills.

Here are a few to get you started…


These Tenta-missile-firing bin-fish like to stay at a distance targeting homing blasts at you. Scope out the scene and identify opportunities. See any weak points? Got a type of weapon that you might be able to hit them with at just the right moment?

Make sure you’re watching your ink levels, though!


Maws can swim through any ink, regardless of colour. Our advice? SPLAT and MOVE. Track your enemy’s movements and look for patterns in their behaviour.

Who knows, you might just find the perfect time to blast them…


These guys are high priority take-downs.

Let these long distance Sting Ray-wielding Salmonids roam free for too long and you’ll be sorry!

Don’t be afraid to get up close – sometimes the solution is right in front of you.

You’ll discover more Boss Salmonids in Splatoon 2, each with a different strategy, but it’d be no fun to spill the beans on all of them.

Get out there and snatch those Golden Eggs!


Ink your turf between waves

Keep putting ink down! Spend the countdown of each wave splatting the area so you have the most options for movement.

Don’t forget about the walls… they’re useful escape routes and they can provide quick access to the Egg Basket too.


To grab Golden Eggs, or not to grab…

In the higher difficulty levels especially, once you’ve met your quota for Golden Eggs, try to resist getting too greedy... prioritise your defence and focus on surviving until time is up.

Many a Salmon Run has been cut short by a greedy Golden Egg grab!


Practise, practise, practise…

In Salmon Run, you can choose your preferred difficulty level up to 100% each time you play, but once you clear 100% difficulty, the difficulty level will automatically increase by 5% each time you clear a level, right up to 200% difficulty.

On-the-job training is definitely essential to meet this challenge!

Guard those Golden Eggs!

Snatchers will approach to try and take back any Golden Eggs left undefended. It’s important to get the Golden Eggs as quickly as possible, but do it in turns.

While one person is delivering an egg, pick one up but stay with the other eggs until your teammate gets back before you deliver yours. This way, someone is always watching the rear.

Teamwork is key!

Splatoon 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Learn more at the official Splatoon 2 gamesite, below:


*Additional games and systems required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately.
** Compatible smart device required to use app, data charges may apply.
***Online services require a Nintendo Account and broadband internet. Prices include GST. Terms and conditions for the Nintendo Switch Online service may apply and will be made available prior to purchase. Broadband internet required for online play.



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