A bonkers RPG adventure awaits you, Mii, and your BFFs in Miitopia for Nintendo 3DS systems!

A bonkers RPG adventure awaits you, Mii, and your BFFs in Miitopia for Nintendo 3DS systems!

Cast your friends, FACE the quest… and let the RPG battle begin!

Explore the kingdom of Miitopia, where your Mii characters are the heroes of this adventure!

The hero and their companions, the King and the Princess, that pesky Dark Lord – they’re all Mii characters, and you get to decide who’s who!


Create and customise your heroic squad, or transfer your Mii from Miitomo or Tomodachi Life

...then conquer enemies to get experience points, in-game gold, food items... and the stolen faces they’re wearing!

Before you turn your brother into a hungry cat or the genie of the lamp, you’ll need to bring your Mii characters into the world of Miitopia. You can do it in loads of different ways!

You can bring them in from Tomodachi Life, from Miitomo on your smart device, or make some new ones yourself. You can even go online* and have them picked automatically!

Give your Mii allies jobs with specific abilities, stats, gear, and custom looks – you can choose from over 700 weapons and clothing items!

Your team of heroes each have their own unique personalities, too. Watch out for surprising reactions from your Mii characters as they become best buds – or even fierce rivals…

Find out more about building your Mii squad, here:


Share screenshots of your fave Miitopia moments with #Miitopia

Have you made a Mii ensemble that you simply must share with your IRL squad and other Miitopia adventurers around the world?

Use the in-game screenshot function and share** your wacky Mii adventures with #Miitopia!

Did your squad make the cut on our Miitopia social hub?

Check it out here:


Save the world in style with amiibo

You can tap in compatible amiibo (sold separately) to unlock special new outfits for your Mii characters!

Here are just some of the amiibo bonuses you can discover in Miitopia:




Lookin’ good!


Miitopia is out now on Nintendo 3DS systems!


Find out more at the official gamesite, below:

*Wireless broadband internet connection required. Internet usage charges may apply. Consult with your ISP. Registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required.
**If you share your content using #Miitopia, it may be used for promotion on our web and social sites, as well as in any other promotional material and activities.


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