10 tips to help you get started when playing a chapter in story mode!

10 tips to help you get started when playing a chapter in story mode!

New to Dragon Quest Builders? Then this article is for you!


1. There’s no place like home

This world is vast, and exploring might take you far from home. If you need to get back in a hurry, use a Chimaera Wing to instantly return to your base! You can make Chimaera Wings by combining certain items together. Be sure to stock up on food and healing items before you leave your base, too!


2. Know your limits

Try to build only within the lighted areas where your Banner of Hope stands. This will make a big difference when defending your creations and fighting off enemies at the same time.


3. Boost your vigour

Eat a Seed of Life to increase your HP (health). You can find them hidden throughout the world, and can also receive them as a reward after completing certain quests.


4. Take a look around

Don’t hesitate to explore! You can uncover fruitful tasks by talking with characters and interacting with objects you discover off the beaten path.


5. Jog your memory

Return to your base if you get lost and talk with the residents for a reminder of what to do next. The compass at the upper right-hand corner can also guide you on directions and passage of time.


6. Get stuck in!

Gather, craft, and build anything and everything – you just might discover a new recipe or blueprint!


7. Upgrade your storage

Build a Colossal Coffer if you need additional room in your inventory. This storage space has the added bonus of being accessible at any point during your adventure. Pack in as much as you want, toss out items you don’t need… The choice is yours!

In Terra Incognita…


8. Make progress

Complete chapters in story mode to unlock new areas, recipes, and blueprints.


9. Don’t stop!

Simply reset islands at the Banner of Freedom to replenish materials so that you can keep on building.


10. Prove yourself

If you’re itching for a challenge, test your combat skills against waves of monsters at Terra Gladiatoria, accessible through the Banner of Freedom.

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