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Read the latest in splat science from the hard-working research team dedicated to the study of all things Inkling.

Squid Sisters - Catch up on the story here!


We’ve received new intel that the Range Blaster will be available at Ammo Knights from tomorrow, Saturday 21st October at 1pm.

This Blaster-type weapon has a maximised firing range, while still retaining strong enough firepower to make a "one-shot KO" with a direct hit. However, compared to other Blasters it has a low firing rate, so be careful not to get caught off guard.

It comes with the Suction Bomb sub and the Ink Storm special.


Did you sink your fangs into this weekend’s Splatfest?

Now that the mist has cleared on this spooky showdown, the results are in and it looks like Team Vampire has taken the win 3-0!

Thanks to everyone who participated!


The Custom E-liter 4K Scope will also be added at 1pm AEDT tomorrow. This model is basically the Custom E-liter 4K with a scope. Although it cannot store a charged shot, its range is a bit longer.

We look forward to observing how Inklings choose between these weapons based on personal preference and stage layout!


Tomorrow, Saturday 14th October at 1pm AEDT, the Custom E-liter 4K will be available from Ammo Knights.

The functions of the main weapon are the same as the E-liter 4K, however with the Squid Beakon sub you can you can jump around to locations on a map, giving you an advantage to line up the perfect shot

Its Bubble Blower special can also be used to protect your teammates or secure your turf.


The moon is full, the wind is blowing… a spooky Splatfest is almost here!

Will Team Vampire say “Fangs” for the win, or will Team Werewolf claw their way to the top?

Get your splat on this Saturday, October 14th at 3pm AEDT!


A new Splatfest has been announced and it’s a suitably Halloween theme!

Will you get your fangs out for Team Vampire or howl for Team Werewolf?

Pick your side from 1pm AEDT today, and prepare for a supernatural showdown October 14th-15th.


Tomorrow, Saturday 7th October at 1pm AEDT, the Bamboozler 14 Mk I will be available from Ammo Knights.

It sounds like this is a replica model of weaponry used in the war 100 years ago. It’s firing range isn’t great, but unlike other chargers, the range on this weapon doesn’t change even if you shoot it without charging it.

It comes with the Curling Bomb sub and Multi Missiles special.


We’ve received details on a new stage update!

On Saturday 7th October, a new stage – Snapper Canal – will be added. Battles take place on its riverbed, which is currently under construction, across a waterway in the middle. The ground is lower near the waterway, making it an easy target for long-range weapons from higher platforms.

The key to winning will be whether or not you can successfully carry your attack to the opposite bank. Don't rush too much, though, or you’ll hit the water.


The Tenta Brella, which can hide your entire body just like a camping tent, has a 2-fold structure with aluminium frames. This enables you to pack this huge-size umbrella compactly with just a single click. The mesh fabric also allows for good sight while extended, so you can still track the battlefield when behind cover.


According to our research, the new Tenta Brella weapon will be available at the Ammo Knights shop tomorrow, Saturday 30th September at midday AEST.

We received some intel on this new weapon recently. Part of the new Brella class of weapons, its huge size provides perfect cover for up to four Inklings. Although its behaviour is somewhat heavier overall, the Tenta Brella offers a stronger shot power that can splat opponents with just one shot at close range.

It comes with the Squid Beakon sub weapon and Bubble Blower special.


Tomorrow, Saturday 23rd September at midday AEST, a new weapon will be available from Ammo Knights – the Rapid Blaster Pro.

The Rapid Blaster Pro has the longest range of all Blaster-type weapons, however it sacrifices shot power and firing rate somewhat to achieve this. You may want to keep an advantageous distance.

It comes with the Toxic Mist sub and Ink Storm special. 


A new weapon, the Heavy Splatling Deco, will be released tomorrow, Saturday 16th September at midday AEST.

While it retains the range and rapid firing ability of the Heavy Splatling, its sub and special are replaced with Splash Wall and Bubble Blower. Buy time to charge your weapon by blocking opponents' attacks with bubbles, and mount your rapid-firing counterattack!


The popular Kelp Dome stage from the original Splatoon game is making a comeback this Saturday, 16th September at midday.

This modernized agricultural facility has intricate, maze-like paths, but metal-grating catwalks stretched around the walls and overhead make great shortcuts. Be careful, though – there’s no place to hide up there!

Our researchers have also discovered some fresh twists from the first game, such as extra grates to slip through and a bit of added turf on each side.

A rumor says that the crops in this facility grow faster thanks to the ink...?!


We received an urgent notification from Grizzco Industries:

“Due to…uh….tentacle difficulties, the weapons for the Salmon Run shift that starts Saturday, September 16th at 10am AEST will be unknown until you clock in. And also, one of my personal belongings was accidentally mixed in to the weapon pool. If you happen to come across it, don’t even think about stealing it or go blabbing to the media about it. Failure to comply is grounds for immediate termination.”


Tomorrow, Saturday 9th September at midday, the Custom Splattershot Jr. will be added to Ammo Knights.

Although the function of the main weapon is the same as the Splattershot Jr., thanks to its Autobomb sub and Ink Storm special, it offers a key advantage in providing back-up for your teammates from the side to maintain your turf.

[PSA] Tonight, September 7th, a software update (Ver. 1.3.0) will be released. Prior to this update, server maintenance will take place from 10:50 AM - 12:30 PM AEST.

The biggest changes in Ver. 1.3.0 are adjustments to some special weapons as well as some main weapons. In addition to these, adjustments to improve performance of some sub weapons have also been made.

Along with this update, additional adjustments have been made to refine matchmaking criteria in Ranked Battles so players with much closer Power Rating will get matched up even in the same rank. How much ranks rise or fall will be adjusted based on this criteria. The tendency for rank above S+ will not change with this update.

The next update is scheduled in mid-October and will target performance improvement of some main weapons.


After a super fight, the results of this weekend’s Splatfest are in!

In a battle of superpowers – Flight vs Invisibility – the results are…

Popularity: 49%-51%

Solo Division wins: 55%-45%

Team Division wins: 52%-48%

Team Flight wins 2-1! Congratulations Team Flight on soaring to victory, and thanks to everyone who participated.


Only two hours until Splatfest starts at 2pm today! Which superpower will you choose – Flight or Invisibility?

Here at the lab, we’re looking forward to seeing what Shifty Station has in store for us this time.


Here’s a little more intel on the new Bubble Blower special weapon. 

It fires up to three big bubbles, and if you continue shooting ink of your team’s colour onto them, the bubbles explode, engulfing your opponents in the explosions. You can use this to protect yourself from your opponent’s attacks, however the bubbles will vanish if your opponent team’s ink keeps hitting them. 

This new special weapon will be available for the first time as part of the Forge Splattershot Pro set tomorrow, September 2nd at midday.


Here’s a new weapon just in time for Splatfest! Tomorrow, September 2nd at midday, a new weapon will be available from Ammo Knights – the Forge Splattershot Pro.

It consumes quite a bit of ink, but its long-range shot, balance of power and shooting accuracy make it a critical weapon in the hands of advanced Inklings.

It comes with the Suction Bomb sub, and new special weapon, the Bubble Blower!


Have you had a chance to try out the new stage, Manta Maria, yet?

Inklings have been getting tentacles-on with this one since its launch last weekend, and now, ahead of this weekend’s Splatfest, we’ve received new images of the stage at night.

This is sure to be the scene of many tactical battles this weekend – how will you approach it to lead your team to victory?

Splatfest! Flight vs Invisibility


It’s a superpowered Splatfest this week in Splatoon 2! Which team will you choose – Flight or Invisibility?

Here in the lab, we’re still undecided. Flying would be an undeniably exciting experience, and would make travel a breeze. But we’re intrigued by the possibilities of invisibility – it’s the perfect superpower for covert missions, and sneaking into top secret places.

There’s only one way to settle this argument, and that’s by inking your opponents on the splattlefield this weekend! Splatfest kicks off this Saturday 2nd September at 2pm and ends Sunday 3rd September at 2pm (AEST). 

May the best superpower team win!

Splatoon 2 servers will undergo maintenance from 11am – 4pm AEST today.

During this time, online services will be unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Tomorrow, August 26th at midday, a new weapon will be available at Ammo Knights – the Sloshing Machine! The spiralling volleys of ink fired from its firing port - which looks just like a washing machine tub - draw an arc that passes over platforms or obstacles, making it ideal to hit your opponent and deal big damage even when they’re up high or behind cover.

It comes with the Autobomb sub and Sting Ray special.


We’ve learned that this Saturday 26th August at midday, a new stage will be added to the mix. The Manta Maria is a large sailboat moored at a harbor near Inkopolis, and it will soon be the site of many fierce ink battles. The towering masts and nets in the center of the stage will likely be a key area of conflict.

We’ve noticed that Inklings often choose to do battle on or near bodies of water, even though their bodies are incompatible with water. It could be that they revel in the danger of it, but more research is needed on this subject.


Breaking news! One of the key additions in today’s Ver. 1.2.0 software update is that Grizzco Industries has apparently established a new location for its Salmon Run operation. This location is known as Lost Outpost, and it appears to be an abandoned settlement near a coastal region.


You can use the walls of the main structure to evade Salmonid attacks, but the walls will also block your line of sight. You’ll need to be even more vigilant in watching your teammates’ backs.


This stage is available via The Shoal for local multiplayer from today, and will also be rotated into upcoming online work shifts.

[Notice] Tomorrow, August 23rd at midday, software update Ver. 1.2.0 will be released. For all the details on this update, please check here 

Due to the distribution of this software update, the server will undergo maintenance from 11:50am to 1:30pm. During this time, Splatoon 2 service may not be available. We really appreciate your understanding while we roll out this update.


Tomorrow, Saturday 18th August at midday, a new weapon, the Classic Squiffer, will be available from Ammo Knights.

As Chargers go, its range leaves something to be desired - but in exchange you get blazing fast charge speed, so you can respond quickly to any threat!

And don't worry - its formidable firepower is also intact, letting you splat opponents in a single blast when fully charged.
This weapon comes complete with Point Sensors and the Ink Armor special.


The next Splatfest has been announced for the first weekend in September, and it’s a clash between superhero powers!

Will you fight for Team Flight or get inky for Team Invisibility? 


Once open, if you hold the ZR button down for an even longer time, you can launch the umbrella forward. This allows you to hide behind the launched umbrella and move forward while blocking an enemy's attack.

Be careful, though – the umbrella will break once it takes a certain amount of damage, and will be unable to be opened again until it restores.


This just in! Looks like Sheldon is adding to the Ammo Knights inventory once again.

Tomorrow, Saturday 12th August at midday, a new weapon, the Splat Brella, will be added. This is a new weapon type called Brella, named for its umbrella shape.

Press the ZR button to scatter ink or hold it down to open up the umbrella and block an opponent’s attack. It comes with the Sprinkler sub weapon and Ink Storm special weapon.


While the northern hemisphere enjoys the last weeks of summer, we’re looking ahead to warmer days just around the corner.

On Annie’s SplatNet Gear Shop, the Summer Vacation Collection will be available for 6 days from the 11th to 16th August. There’s a great range of gear items perfect to get your summer wardrobe started early – why not check them out?

The SplatNet Gear Shop can be accessed from SplatNet 2.


How’s your Octo Canyon exploration going?

Did you know that the game tracks your fastest clear times? A skilled squid researcher in the Lab recently put his speedrun skills to the test. Can you beat this time?


Here’s another new song from Off the Hook (and one of our favourites here in the lab), ‘Muck Warfare’.

Marina's fascinating voice entwines with exotic melody, while Pearl's transcendent rapid singing and high tone push both the audience and audio systems to full capacity!


Still feeling the vibes from last weekend’s Splatfest? The party may be over, but these fresh new tracks from Off the Hook – which were released during Splatfest – are keeping us going.

Here’s ‘Acid Hues’, a danceable house number in which two vocals overlap like ripples.


Looking for intel on your fellow Splatfest players?

Splatfest Top 100 is a ranking of the 100 players with the highest Splatfest Power in each team. 

You can check out the ranking on SplatNet 2 via the Nintendo Switch Online app on your smart device, and even find out what weapon and gear load-outs the top players competed with. 

Let's praise the names of the tough players who fought for the glory of their teams!


Wondering how your condiment of choice fared in other regions? 

Our intel shows that this was a tightly-contested battle around the world.

While Team wins narrowly tipped Ketchup over the line in Japan, Mayo managed to hold onto a 2-1 win as the more popular choice. In Europe, Ketchup held onto the popular vote but just couldn’t squeeze through in Solo or Team wins.

Congrats Team Mayo!



Did you fight for the right to put your sauce on top this weekend?

The results of the first Splatfest - Mayo v. Ketchup - are in!

Group results for the Americas + Australia/New Zealand are: 
Popularity: 27%-73%
Solo Division wins: 52%-48%
Team Division wins: 51%-49%

Team Mayo wins, 2-1! Congrats, Team Mayo!


New intel just in time for Splatfest! Tomorrow at midday, a new weapon - the Sploosh-o-matic - will be added to Splatoon 2.

Although its firing range is pretty short, its rapid firing ability makes this an excellent shooter for close-combat situations. Go deeper into your opponents' territory quickly and stir the battle front.

It comes with the Curling Bomb sub and Splashdown special.


Have you seen any Inklings with shining weapons when spawning at the beginning of a Ranked Battle? We discovered this occurs when the player has recently been winning a lot of Ranked Battles with that weapon in the current rank. Put another way, this Inkling is currently on fire! It will be worth checking out how these players battle, whether on your squad or not.


Did you notice that SplatNet 2 displays which side your friends have voted for in the upcoming Splatfest? This is especially helpful if you want to try out Team Battle. As a reminder, Team Battle requires four players (must be friends with someone from the same team who is in the Lobby) to join a private lobby before being matched up against another team of four.


Now here's some fresh intel! During this weekend's Splatfest, a special stage called Shifty Station will be added to the map rotation. Shifty Station is exclusive to Splatfests, and to keep you on your tentacles, the stage design will change for every new Splatfest going forward.


A new Splatfest has just been announced! This is set to be an epic showdown of two popular condiments - Mayonnaise vs Ketchup. Which will you choose?
The battle takes place from 2pm Saturday, August 5th to 2pm Sunday, August 6th AEST. Voting has already started in-game, so head over to Inkopolis Square and pick your side!

We hear that the upcoming Splatfest will be held globally this weekend, with the same theme worldwide. Event hours will be different region by region, as will the result tallies. Aussie squids will participate in the Americas + Australia/New Zealand group, while Japan and Europe face their own deciding battles. We'll report the results in all regions so look forward to seeing which condiment comes out on top!


While you're shooting from a crouch right after rolling, the two guns of Dualie Squelchers will merge and become the same form as Jet Squelcher in the original game. Adjust the distance quickly by rolling, and overwhelm your opponents with highly accurate rapid firing from a long distance.


Hello, hello! In the market for a new weapon? Tomorrow, July 29th, at midday AEST, a new weapon, Dualie Squelchers, will be available at Ammo Knights. This weapon appeared as the shooter-type Jet Squelcher in the original Splatoon, but it's been reborn as a Dualies-type weapon in Splatoon 2. It retains its longish-range and rapid firing ability, but now comes with an additional rolling ability – that’s fresh! This new weapon comes with the sub weapon Point Sensor, and the special weapon is Tenta Missiles.


Casual clothing brand Zekko supplies street fashion and surf clothing items. Their wide-variety line-up includes baseball jackets and a classic Aussie staple, thongs.


The sportswear brand Zink has a wide assortment of clothing and shoes for all types of sports scenes, and their simple designs are popular as fashion items. Word in Inkopolis Square is that their Seahorses shoe series is a must-have street fashion item.

[Public Squid Announcement]: An update to the Splatoon 2 game has been released: Version 1.1.2. For details, please visit this page.

This update adjusts the number of points required to fill the special gauge for several weapons. It also fixes an issue that prevented ranking information from displaying properly when viewing “Past Records” for League Battle.


Hey Squids, let’s take a break from the Turf War to introduce a new weapon – the Inkbrush! This paint brush-like weapon will be added to Splatoon 2 at midday tomorrow, 23rd July. 

While its power isn’t that strong, it offers quick running speed while painting the ground so you can cover turf faster. Swim around your opponent’s blind spot and splash the ink…eh, we might have said the same thing 2 years ago. The accompanied Sub Weapon is Splat Bomb, and Special Weapon is Splashdown.


[Public Squid Notice] We received a technical update about the SplatNet 2 Gear Shop in the Nintendo Switch Online app. During a short amount of time after the servers went live, a few gear items paired up with incorrect gear abilities. For example, Ninja Squid, which is meant to only attach to clothing, was attached to shoes. The gear in question are the four in the above image. As of now, this issue has been fixed, and such gear items will no longer appear in the Gear Shop.

An update will be made in the near future to replace the Gear Ability of these items with the same main Gear Ability that will be available in the stores in the game. We appreciate your understanding.


The Sting Ray special weapon fires high-pressure ink that can penetrate walls to splat opponents on the other side.

In the Splatfest World Premiere demo, using the Sting Ray severely limited your mobility, but its mobility is being improved through an update to the game. With the new-and-improved Sting Ray, players will be able to suspend their attack by entering squid form, allowing them to reposition themselves before resuming their assault. This enables players to retreat at a moment’s notice, or find a better vantage point.


Okay, so our team at the Squid Research Lab need a little more practise before they can call themselves true pro-fresh-ionals, but we’ve put together some quick tips and strategies to help you prepare for your first job with Grizzco Industries.

Read the full report here


Salmon Run - it’s a mysterious part-time job offered by Grizzco Industries, where you team up against the Salmonid hordes to collect Power Eggs.

This can be risky business, so we sent our AUNZ Squid Research Lab undercover to ink-vestigate further.


This is Splattershot Jr. - the weapon that every single young Inkling will have in their hands when arriving at Inkopolis Square for the first time today. This is the best entry-level Turf War weapon as it has efficient ink use.
The sub weapon is Splat Bomb, and the special weapon is Ink Armor. 


Salmon Run—it’s a mysterious part-time job which Grizzco Industry offers when hordes of Salmonids approach the shore of this secluded area… For the 3 days from the launch of Splatoon 2 on Friday, July 21st, we hear that A LOT of Salmonids will come up, and the frequency of part-time job offers will increase. You need to be at least at level 4 to take part in these part-time jobs. Don’t miss this chance to try out the Salmon Run!


These are the 8 stages available from launch in Regular Battle, Ranked Battle and League Battle. Stages will rotate every 2 hours and 2 stages will be playable at each time. You will get to battle on one of the 2 stages, assigned at random. 
Learn the characteristics of stages first, and find suitable weapons that work for both of the stages available.

Splatfest World Premiere Results Are In!


The Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere, Cake VS Ice Cream, ended with the victory of team Ice Cream with a score of 2-1. Congrats team Ice Cream! The result is also now available in Inkopolis News in-game.

Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere software will remain open for a limited time, so be quick to check the full results in-game.


The battle stages in the Splatfest World Premiere will change after 2 hours. The first 2 hours feature Starfish Mainstage and Inkblot Art Academy, and the latter 2 hours feature Humpback Pump Track and Moray Towers. Either of the two stages will be randomly selected each time. The stages during Splatfest are, of course, the special nighttime version!


The Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere finally begins tomorrow, Sunday 16th July, at 8am!

4 weapons will be available: Tentatek Spattershot, Splat Roller, Splat Charger and Splat Dualies. Try different weapons and find your favourite!


Are you a cake connoisseur or an ice cream aficionado? Which sweet treat will you side with in the battle for dessert dominance? The Squid Research Lab team remains divided, but Pearl and Marina have made their choices.

Battle it out this Sunday 16th July from 8am-12pm AEST in the Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere demo event.

To join, download the free Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere demo from Nintendo Switch eShop. Then choose your team, and prepare to fight this Sunday!

More details: http://www.nintendo.com.au/splatoon-2-details-revealed-in-the-freshest-nintendo-direct-yet


These lovely ladies are the rising stars who’ve been burning up the Inkling music charts, Off the Hook! First you’ve got Pearl, the cute and sassy MC with a talent for spitting fire lyrics.Then you’ve got Marina, the dazzling DJ genius rocking beats on the wheels of steel. Fans love them for their unique, futuristic sound, but they’re also making quite the name for themselves as the new broadcasters of Inkopolis News!


This Jellyfish gentleman goes by the name Jelfonzo, and he runs Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe. And check out his origin story: one day he just split off of Jelonzo in Inkopolis Plaza, and there he was! I think that makes him Jelonzo’s son? He apparently learned to speak Inkling from an ancient text of some sort, so his speech sounds a bit outdated (to say the least). But don’t let that fool you. When it comes to fashion, this dapper dude is always up on the hottest trends.


Hey, it’s Bisk the spider crab! He’s also the proud proprietor of Inkopolis Square’s premier shoe shop, Shella Fresh. His many long limbs welcome customers one and all, and he exudes the type of laid-back cool you just can’t teach.


Now this right here is Flow. You’ll find her working at Headspace, Inkopolis’s spot for hats and helmets. From the way she talks, she might seem a bit loopy, but that’s just part of her mysterious vibe. Word has it she’s a bit older than most of her Inkling customers, and teasing them is one of her favorite pastimes. The little guy who lives among her tendrils is her erstwhile companion, Craymond, an unhinged emperor shrimp who’s always got her back.


This weekend’s Splatfest Global Premiere offers all budding squid researchers the chance to ink-vestigate squid turf war in Splatoon 2 for yourself. To help prepare for this, we invited some inkling enthusiasts down to the lab to conduct more research into the new stages and weapons available in Splatoon 2.


New weapons are in development. Say hello to the Brella! Much like an Umbrella, it offers both beauty and functionality. Press and hold the ZR button to open it up and block enemy attacks. If you continue to hold down the button…you can even launch it forward! Of course, once launched, you won’t be able to open it for a while, so use it wisely.

It appears this weapon type will be ready for Turf War battles in an update after the game launches.


We’re proud to reveal our findings on the Goo Tuber, a charger with the upgraded ability to store your charge even longer. Intel from Sheldon is that it offers high-pressure ink storage for extended periods, allowing you to stay submerged while you wait for the perfect shot! In exchange, it takes a bit longer to charge, but you can push your foes back with the Suction Bombs sub. You can stay on the move with one in the chamber, and when the enemy decides to close in, make ‘em pay with a Splashdown surprise!


Baller! Yes, this is a new special weapon called the Baller! Roll around the stage in an oversized hamster ball that protects you from a certain amount of damage. If you hold down ZR, the ball will fill with ink, eventually causing an explosion on the spot.


You know how blasters tend to have a low rate of fire? Not the Clash Blaster! Its speedy shots are great for keeping foes at bay! Damage output has been decreased to allow improved rapid fire, but Splat Bombs can help you take it to your foes in a major way. Opponents keeping their distance? Reach out and boop ‘em with the Sting Ray! This set is for players that like causing chaos on the front lines.


The Dapple Dualies are dualie-type weapons that have been engineered for optimum mobility. They’re lighter than standard Splat Dualies, allowing for faster movement, but they have less range. It’s a trade-off. Utilize the increased mobility to set Squid Beakons around the map, and call your teammates to the front lines! And use the Suction-Bomb Launcher to further expand your team’s territory. Sheldon recommends this set for players who want to swiftly splat their opponents and support their team.


The Bomb Launcher special allows you to launch bombs without consuming any ink. The longer a player holds the R button, the farther the bomb will travel. They also come in different varieties: Splat-Bomb Launcher, Curling-Bomb Launcher, Autobomb Launcher, etc. We also discovered that this special doesn’t necessarily tie to your kit’s sub weapon, meaning you might discover a kit with Suction Bomb sub and Curling-Bomb Launcher special, for example.


Ink Armor grants each member of your team armor that nullifies damage from a single attack. It works on all team members regardless of proximity. The effect lasts for a limited time, but we imagine this special will be useful for laying pressure on opponents.


We all know Inklings love to grab a bite at Crusty Sean’s new food-truck venture, the aptly named Crust Bucket. Chow down on these deep-fried snacks and you’ll get more cash and experience from battles. However, it seems the only currency that Sean accepts is “tickets” which can be earned in Octo Canyon or Salmon Run.

It appears that there are now two ways to enter Splatfest Battles: Solo & Team. Solo mode works like Splatfest in the original Splatoon game; you’ll automatically match with three other players and battle against groups of four random players from the opposing team.

Team mode requires four players (must be friends with someone from the same team who is in the Lobby) to join a private lobby before being matched up against another team of four.

The final result will be determined by popularity, Solo Win percentage, and Team Win percentage.

At the end of each Splatfest, participants will earn Super Sea Snails based on their individual and team contribution. If you give snails to Murch in Inkopolis Square, he can add additional slots to your gear, or scrub your gear to remove its secondary abilities.

Please note that Super Sea Snails will not be distributed for the Splatfest World Premiere event taking place this weekend. Save data from the demo will not carry over into the full game.


Did you know you can create drawings and share them via social media? It’s true! Just visit the mailbox in Inkopolis Square. Your drawings may be viewable by other players, so don’t go posting personal info or inappropriate content, knuckleheads! These drawings may also be displayed as signs or graffiti in Inkopolis Square.

What better way to pass the time until the World Splatfest Premiere kicks off?


Check out this fresh new track from Off the Hook, Inkopolis’ hottest new sensation, entitled “Ebb & Flow”.


This special weapon is called the Sting Ray. Holding down the fire button will fire a high-pressure jet of ink that can pierce walls. It’s so powerful that you can’t change direction quickly while firing. However, when you’re not firing, it allows you to see the location of opponents on the other side of walls.


The Sprinkler sub weapon can attach to the ground or walls and spray ink. It operates at full power when placed but gradually gets weaker. You can place one at a time.


This bad boy is the Heavy Splatling. The mechanics are similar to those of a charger, but it’s in a class of its own. Compress your ink, then release to unleash a fat stream of ink from the cannon. Each charge uses a huge amount of ink, and charging it leaves you exposed for a while, so play smart. This set comes with the Sprinkler sub and Sting Ray special.


It’s a bucket! The Slosher can be a brutal weapon in the right hands. It’s basically a bucket of ink that you can toss straight at an opponent. No nonsense. Also great for attacking elevated positions behind walls. This base set comes with a Suction Bomb sub and Tenta Missiles special.  


The Splat Dualies are the standard model of the new Dualies weapon class. You can carry one in each hand, and their propulsive exhaust nozzles allow you to perform a high-speed dodge-roll. You can’t move for a brief period immediately after rolling, but the two sights overlap during that time, increasing your accuracy and fire rate. This base set comes with the Burst Bombs sub and Tenta Missiles special.


This is the Splatterscope, for those that like to stay safe and shoot from afar. The added scope allows for more effective long-distance aiming. Great for hitting far-off targets, but your view is narrow while charging. Because the fancy scope takes up so much space, the ability to store charge has been dropped from this model. This set comes equipped with Splat Bomb sub weapons and a Sting Ray special.


This is the Splat Charger, a weapon designed for long-range offense. Charge up ink, then release to fire it out all at once, inkling a long path in an instant. This weapon can store its charge, allowing you to swim around for a short time without losing your charge. This kit comes with Splat Bomb sub weapons and a Sting Ray special.


The Splat Roller represents the roller class of weapons that excel at close combat and inking turf. Tap to fling ink, or just ink the ground as you run. This set comes with the Curling Bomb sub and Splashdown special. The roller allows you to perform a vertical swing that sends ink flying farther than a standard swing.


This is the latest model of the iconic Splattershot, an all-around weapon that’s great for mastering the basics of battle. It comes equipped with Burst Bombs as a sub weapon and Splashdown as a special.


This is the Splash-o-matic, a weapon fine-tuned for highly accurate barrages. It’s a little lacking in power, but provides a good cover spread with its rapid fire. It comes equipped with a Toxic Mist sub and Inkjet special. This set is recommended for aggressive players who want to lay the splatdown.


This is the Ink Mine sub weapon. Basically, it’s a trap that you place on the ground. When an opponent gets close, it activates, revealing their location to your teammates. You can place up to two at once.


This is the Dynamo Roller. High strength and long range are its game, but its motor does weigh it down a smidge. It comes with Ink Mines as a sub and the Sting Ray special allows for taking down foes from a comfortable distance. This set appeals to those too stubborn to give up inked turf.


This handy sub weapon is the Point Sensor. If thrown near opponents, it will mark them temporarily, revealing their location to your teammates.


This special’s called the Ink Storm. Throw this device to create a cloud that rains ink down onto the battlefield. The cloud gradually moves away from where the device was thrown.


This is the Splattershot Pro. Developed for more advanced users by the team behind the Splattershot, it has incredible precision and solid range. Great for players who have a lot of faith in their accuracy and positioning. This set comes equipped with a Point Sensor sub, and you can cover your teammates with the Ink Storm special.


This new sub weapon is the Autobomb. As its name implies, once thrown, it will automatically start walking toward a nearby opponent. When it approaches the opponent, it stops and goes KERSPLAT!


Great for brushing up your skills, the Octobrush is a brush with dense bristles that fling a thick stream of ink with each swipe. It comes equipped with the Autobomb sub and the Inkjet special to keep distant foes on their toes.


This new sub weapon is called Toxic Mist. Once thrown, opponents caught in the mist move slower and their ink is slightly reduced. The longer you’re in the mist, the stronger the effect becomes.


As we prepare for this weekend's Splatfest World Premiere, let's take this opportunity to review intel on some of the new weapons in Splatoon 2, starting with The Blaster. 
The Blaster is a relative of the shooter family, but it fires balls of ink that explode in midair. It’s a bit lacking in the range and fire-rate departments, but when it hits…it HITS. And even when it doesn’t hit, it can still hit thanks to the ink explosion. It comes equipped with a Toxic Mist sub and a Splashdown special.

Fresh Splatoon 2 Direct

This just in! Research from the field confirms that a new Nintendo Direct presentation will air at midnight between Thursday 6th and Friday 7th July AEST.

Tune in for a re-FRESH-er on some of the new features, weapons and styles in Splatoon 2. Watch the video live at http://www.nintendo.com.au/nintendo-direct


This is Inkblot Art Academy. Many an Inkling artist graduated from this prestigious institution. There are various sculptures and objects around campus, and climbing up on them can give you an advantage in battle. Even the random ink splashes on the campus buildings have an artistic flair to them.

On the battle results screen, in addition to the number of players you splatted or assisted in splatting, the number of times you used your special will also be displayed. As with the first game, there also appears to be a function prepared that will show the number of times you got splatted, but more research needs to be done on this subject.

While we were researching multiplayer battles, we discovered a small mark we hadn't seen before. Our theory is that this mark is displayed when multiple players cooperate to take down a single opponent. We're calling it an "assist mark" for the time being.

This is the Quick Respawn ability. When you get splatted more than once without taking down any opponents, this lets you respawn faster than normal. This is a slight tweak on this ability's function in the first game. I imagine some of the other returning abilities have been adjusted in kind.

This Gear Ability is Ink Resistance Up. It reduces damage taken and improves mobility when walking through enemy ink. This ability was in the first game, but it was restricted to shoes as a Main Ability. In Splatoon 2, this ability is now stackable (meaning you can equip multiple instances of the ability to make it stronger). It's available on headwear and clothing, and can also be added as a sub ability. Think about the fashion-coordination possibilities!


This Gear Ability is called Sub Power Up. As the name implies, this ability increases the performance of an equipped sub weapon. How performance changes is contingent on which sub is being used. For example, when using Burst Bombs, it's like the Bomb Range Up ability from the previous Splatoon game, so you'll be able to throw bombs farther. With Ink Mines, the area of effect will be larger.


Let's introduce a few of the Gear Abilities. This is Special Power Up. As the name implies, this ability raises the performance of the equipped special weapon. For example, when used in conjunction with Tenta Missiles, the targeting reticule will be larger, making it easier to lock on to more opponents.

In the upcoming Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational, a selection of 14 different types of Gear Abilities will be available, giving players some options. All abilities at E3 will be in their initial state. In other words, no gear sub abilities will be unlocked.


In Rainmaker, opposing teams battle for control of the Rainmaker, a powerful weapon lying in the center of the stage. Whichever team succeeds in carrying the Rainmaker to the pedestal located in the opposing team's base will taste the sweet nectar of victory. If you charge the Rainmaker up all the way, the shots it fires will explode when they reach their target! In Rainmaker, the best defense is a good offense, so don't hold back!


In Tower Control mode, teams battle to move a tower deep into enemy territory. As the tower moves along its set path, it passes through a number of checkpoints and--this is key--stops at each checkpoint for a bit before moving on. We've deduced that once a team clears a checkpoint, they'll be able to pass through it again without stopping. Teamwork is key to victory—make no mistake about it!


Just in, new details of the Ranked Battle modes in Splatoon 2. Splat Zones is a mode in which teams compete for control of areas known as, you guessed it...Splat Zones. If the other team gains control of a zone, cover it in your team's ink to steal it back! While the rules haven't changed from the original Splatoon game, the zone coverage status in the middle of the UI now provides more real-time updates.

We've gotten some Octarian intel that wasn't available to us in our most recent research footage. This odd creature is called the Tentakook. Tentakooks have an annoying tendency to dodge attacks while they litter the ground with bombs. Try hounding them into a dead end before finishing them off.


This bad mamma jamma is none other than the Octoling, an Octarian soldier that can take on a humanoid form and compete with Inklings in speed and maneuverability. And yes, I know they're super rad looking, but do NOT let that fool you. They'll come after Agent 4 with whatever weapon they can find, from shooters to rollers to sloshers. Their face visors have also gotten an upgrade, and as much as I hate to admit it, look pretty flippin' fresh.


This tough customer is Octo Samurai. He brandishes a gigantic roller, using it to dash the hopes of all those who dare approach. He's got no time or patience for anyone who fakes the funk, and word has it that he is worshipped as a big bad boss by the Octarian rank-and-file troops. He enjoys working on his motorcycle in his spare time. On closer examination, it should be noted that he actually looks more like a sumo wrestler than a samurai, which is a little weird.


The Octarian army is a legion of tentacled tormentors that threaten the very foundation of Inkling society. In the intevening time since their last assault, they've been quietly adding to their ranks deep in their subterranean lair, waiting for a chance to exact their revenge. With new and terrible weaponry such as the Octozeppelin and the Octoballer, they'll stop at nothing to destroy the Inkling way of life.


Agent 4 will be supplied with multiple types of weapons during the battle with the Octarians thanks to Sheldon, the horseshoe crab who owns the "Ammo Knights" weapon shop. He will lend Agent 4 weapons exclusively for fighting the Octarian threat. This also allows him to collect data on his weapons so he can mass produce them for use in official Turf War battles, so it's a win-win.


By day, she's one half of the hit pop sensation "Squid Sisters."  By later that same day, Marie is Agent 2 from the secretive New Squidbeak Splatoon! Stepping in for the out-of-office Cap'n Cuttlefish, she's been keeping a watchful eye on the shady Octarians. As a side note, the newly recruited Agent 4 has apparently never heard of the Squid Sisters?! Agent 4 must be one of those newfangled cord cutters. Or a hermit crab. Or both...


Unknown to all but a select few, the “New Squidbeak Splatoon” has formed to stand against the Octarian menace.

A young Inkling, new to the streets of Inkopolis Square, has been hand-picked by Marie herself and given the handle “Agent 4”. Agent 4’s perilous mission begins in Octo Canyon, the mysterious location of the Octarian headquarters. Good luck, Agent 4.