Setting Up the Wii Console

The first step in connecting your Wii is to decide how you would like the console to rest. The Wii is designed with two options in mind: laying it horizontally (flat), or sitting it vertically on its side by using the included Wii Stand and Stand Plate. When deciding on which position to place the Wii, consider your home entertainment area, and which position allows enough room for the Wii's internal fan to keep the system cool.

Wii Console Setup Image

Placing the Wii Vertically

Wii Setup Vertically Image
  1. Attach the Wii stand plate to the bottom of the console stand by inserting the prongs into the slots as shown above.
  2. Firmly slide the stand plate into slots in the direction shown.
  3. Place the console stand on a flat surface and place the console into the stand. Lower the console straight down into the console stand rather than sliding it in from the front.

IMPORTANT: If you place the console vertically, insert discs with the label side facing to the right.


Placing the Wii Horizontally

Place the Wii console on a flat horizontal surface. Retain the Wii console stand and stand plate for future use in case you want to switch the orientation of the console.

Wii Setup Horizontal Image

If you are using the Wii console in a horizontal position, you must remove the controller socket cover when using GameCube Controllers to allow the console to lay completely flat.

Wii Setup Horizontal Image
  1. Stand the Wii console upright as shown and squeeze gently until you feel a slight click.
  2. Remove the cover by pulling straight up out of the console.
  3. The cover can be replaced by reinserting the cover straight down into the console until it clicks into place.

Note: The GameCube Memory Slot Cover can be removed with the same procedure, and should be removed if you are using GameCube Memory Cards when the Wii console is placed horizontally.

IMPORTANT: If you place the console horizontally, insert discs with the label side facing up.



If you need further information or assistance after following the instructions above, please click here for troubleshooting information.­

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