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From the creators of Xenoblade Chronicles comes a new RPG set in a massive open world where every horizon can be explored

When the Earth is destroyed by a mysterious alien race, the last of humanity escapes and crash-lands on the mysterious planet Mira. Facing the threat of extinction, players must survive the perils of their new home in Xenoblade Chronicles X, an RPG set in a massive open world just waiting to be explored in-depth, releasing exclusively on the Wii U on December 5 in Australia and New Zealand. You can check out the new trailer here!




In this new RPG from the creators of Xenoblade Chronicles, players can create their own character and explore a planet five times bigger than the world in Xenoblade Chronicles. A rich variety of hostile wildlife makes Mira an inhospitable place, and players will need to master a deeply strategic real-time battle system to survive.

During combat, your avatar can switch between different battle classes that allow them to become more adept at long-range or close-quarters combat, as well as issue tactical orders to up to three AI partners. Party members will also advise players on when to use special skills, known as Arts, to boost their allies or blast away foes. Each class has access to different Arts, and strategic use of these can be instrumental in turning the tide of the battle.

Outside of combat, players can focus on the necessities of exploration and survival by taking jobs in eight different divisions. Those who want to focus on discovering the massive, open environments and scavenge for new materials can take a job as a Curator, while joining the Harriers will allow players to concentrate primarily on defeating the dangerous monsters that roam the landscape. Another choice, Outfitters, spend the bulk of their time helping to develop the giant weaponised mechs known as Skells. Eventually, players will be able to pilot the Skell themselves, allowing access to places they couldn’t find before, providing even more possibilities for exploration.



By using the Wii U GamePad, players can access the navigation system, which displays a hexagonal map grid to plot the course ahead to avoid ambushes from giant monsters, uncover new resources, and fast-travel between previously discovered locations. The game can also be played on the GamePad screen alone.

Xenoblade Chronicles X brings the series online for the first time, making it possible to team up and take on co-operative missions as a party of four. Players can also join a party of up to 32 asynchronous characters with whom they can trade items and weapons, even if they are not battling together. In addition, avatars created by other players can be recruited into your team as AI party members, providing you with even more avenues for strategy in the midst of battle.

Explore humanity’s final frontier in Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U, as it launches across Australia and New Zealand on 5th December. The game will also be available as a bundle with a Wii U Premium Pack console* and as a Limited Edition**. Users who purchase Xenoblade Chronicles on Nintendo eShop on Wii U will be eligible for a discount (AU$13/ NZ$17) on Xenoblade Chronicles X if they buy it on Nintendo eShop on the same Wii U console*** before December 18 2015.


* Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Premium Pack includes a black premium Wii U console, Solus software (Game Disc), an Artbook and a Map.

** Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition Pack includes Solus software (game disc), a SteelBook® cover, a Map, a Double-Sided Poster and an Artbook.

*** An additional storage device is required to install both games on the same Wii U console.




Nov 13, 2015 / News


Cloud from FINAL FANTASY VII headed to Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD revealed, original Pokémon games return and more

Nintendo debuted a new Nintendo Direct presentation today, revealing details about several new and upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games. Some of the exciting news included the reveal that iconic video game character Cloud from FINAL FANTASY VII will be added as a playable DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Other notable announcements included the reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for the Wii U console, and news that the Pokémon games that started it all – Pokémon Red Version, Pokémon Blue Version and Pokémon Yellow Version – will launch with wireless communication functionality on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS family systems on February 27th. To view the Nintendo Direct video in its entirety, visit:




Some of the highlights revealed in the presentation include:

Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

  • A New Challenger Approaches!: Cloud Strife – the legendary protagonist from the classic RPG game FINAL FANTASY VII – will enter the battlefield as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in the future. Additionally, a special broadcast – the last one for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS - will be released in December. More information is available at
  • Animal Crossing Series amiibo: Mr Resetti, Blathers, Celeste and Kicks join the ranks in early 2016.


Wii U

  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: Originally released for Wii and Nintendo GameCube systems in 2006, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is a visually-remastered remake of one of the most critically-acclaimed games in The Legend of Zelda series. The game launches on 5th March in a bundle with a detailed new amiibo figure modelled after the Wolf Link and Midna characters in the game, plus an official soundtrack. The game will also be compatible with five other The Legend of Zelda amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. Collection. 
  • The Legend of Zelda for Wii U (name not final): Next year marks the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series. And with that comes The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, the next entry in the legendary series. During the Nintendo Direct presentation, it was revealed that certain saved data from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD on the Wolf Link amiibo can be carried over to this new game. To help ease the wait somewhat, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks have been released on Wii U Virtual Console shortly after the presentation. Until November 19th, players who buy one of these two for AU$13/ NZ$17 will get 50% off the other if purchased on the same Wii U.   
  • Pokkén Tournament: A collaboration between The Pokémon Company and BANDAI Namco Entertainment, Pokkén Tournament is a new fighting game that lets players use their favourite Pokémon characters to battle it out in fighting arenas. Fans who purchase a first-run version of the game at retail will receive a limited-edition Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card that immediately unlocks the character in the game after tapping it to the GamePad. Pokkén Tournament launches in autumn 2016.
  • Star Fox Zero: It’s a new beginning for the Star Fox series, and with a unique control scheme that uses both the TV screen and the screen on the GamePad, players pilot multiple vehicles through intergalactic levels with Fox and his classic crew in Star Fox Zero. The game launches exclusively for Wii U in April 2016.
  • Splatoon: On 13th November a free software update adds over 40 pieces of new gear including more winter items, while a new stage called Museum d’Alfonsino will become available on 14th November. Further stages and features will be added in future updates through January. 
  • Super Mario Maker: In December, a new web portal that can be accessed anytime, anywhere will offer a more detailed search function to find and filter levels on the go, register them to your “Play Later” list and then have them ready to play when you get home!
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X: Massive RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X launches exclusively for Wii U on 5th December, and Nintendo Direct viewers were treated to some unforgettable scenes directly from Planet Mira.
  • FAST Racing Neo from Shin’en (Wii U): It’s almost here! The high-octane racing game with up to four-player local multiplayer and up to eight-player online multiplayer, launches exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U in December.
  • Typoman from Brainseed Factory and Headup Games: Using the GamePad in a unique way, in Typoman players set out on an adventure to explore the incredible power of words, how they can be used to survive the environmental hazards and overcome vicious enemies. The game launches exclusively on Nintendo eShop on Wii U on 20th November.


Nintendo 3DS

  • Pokémon on Virtual Console: The original Pokémon games that started it all – Pokémon Red Version, Pokémon Blue Version and Pokémon Yellow Version – are coming to Nintendo 3DS on February 27th, the same day that the original games first released in Japan in 1996. Using the wireless communication on Nintendo 3DS family systems, players can trade Pokémon with other players.
  • Hyrule Warriors: Legends: Take the epic Hyrule Warriors experience on the go! Hyrule Warriors: Legends offers players the entire Hyrule Warriors game on Nintendo 3DS, but with even more content! This time, Tetra, Toon Link and the King of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker join the Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on the battlefield. In addition, new character Linkle, a girl who lives in a small village filled with Cuccos and wields two crossbows, joins the large cast of playable characters. Players will be able to command multiple characters on the battlefield for strategic moves and immediately switch between any of them to be in the thick of battle at all times. Hyrule Warriors: Legends launches also as part of a Limited Edition bundle including a Compass watch and the game on 26th March.
  • Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.: The hilarious Mario & Luigi series meets the charming Paper Mario series in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros., launching on December 10th. Using compatible amiibo, players can create a corresponding character card in the game, which have powerful effects during battle.
  • Fire Emblem Fates: There are multiple adventures waiting to be experienced in Fire Emblem Fates in 2016. By purchasing one of the two main games – Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright or Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest – either at retail or on Nintendo eShop, players choose to embark on a unique quest with a different story and different experiences. After purchasing one game, the downloadable version of the other is available at a reduced price via an in-game purchase. There will even be a third downloadable version, Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation, which will reveal some secrets about the story that will affect the way you think about the other paths. For fans of the series, a special edition will be available that includes all three games, plus an artbook.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes: New free DLC is coming on 3rd December, adding Linebeck’s Uniform and Fierce Deity Mail outfits, each with unique powers, and the new Den of Trials with more than 30 stages to conquer. The upcoming software update also makes it more convenient to get Friendly Tokens by purchasing them from the Street Merchant once the princess’s curse has been lifted. Additionally two adjustments will ensure a more comfortable online experience: by answering a question before matchmaking, you will be matched with other players who gave similar answers, plus players who leave a game in progress through the Pause menu can be added to the blacklist.
  • Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon: Players can become one of 20 Pokémon in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, launching on February 20th. With turn-based battles and ever-changing dungeons, players can encounter every single known Pokémon in the game – all 720 of them!
  • Nintendo Badge Arcade: Freshly available on Nintendo eShop shortly after the presentation, Nintendo Badge Arcade is a free-to-download game that lets players control a variety of badge catcher machines to earn badges from popular titles used to customise their Nintendo 3DS HOME Menus. Players can purchase plays using Nintendo eShop funds or enjoy 5 free practice plays per day in which free plays can be won.
  • DRAGON QUEST®: The line-up of RPGs on Nintendo 3DS continues to grow with classic games DRAGON QUEST VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and DRAGON QUEST VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Both remastered titles are coming in 2016.
  • Pokémon Picross: The popular Picross series meets the lovable world of Pokémon when free-to-start game Pokémon Picross launches exclusively in the Nintendo eShop in early December.
  • Bravely Second™: End Layer from Square Enix, Inc.: The successor to the cherished Bravely Default arrives in Q1 2016, also as part of a Deluxe Collector’s Edition including an Original Soundtrack CD, Agnès Mini Figurine* and a Deluxe Artbook of around 250 pages.
  • FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS from Square Enix, Inc.: In the first FINAL FANTASY action-RPG on Nintendo 3DS, journey to an island filled with mystical crystals. Up to four players can connect in local or online multiplayer and team up, assigning allies 4 different combat roles. More than 20 jobs can be learned, each with its own set of special skills. At launch in January, it will include all the DLC that was previously released in Japan.
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection from Capcom: Capcom’s iconic Blue Bomber has been a classic part of Nintendo history since the NES days. Mega Man Legacy Collection launches on Nintendo eShop in February and features faithful reproductions of  the first six NES Mega Man games (Mega Man 1-6), plus new ways to experience these classics with Challenge Mode’s remix stages and Museum Mode’s repository of original production art.
  • SteamWorld Heist from Image & Form: For a limited time, players that purchase side-scrolling, turn-based strategy shooter SteamWorld Heist in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS when it launches in December will receive an exclusive Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme.


*Please note this figurine is not an amiibo.



Nov 11, 2015 / News


New free-to-download software lets players win Nintendo-themed badges to customise their system’s HOME Menu

Owners of Nintendo 3DS family systems can already customise their system’s HOME Menu with a range of colourful themes, and they’ll soon be able to take that personalisation to a whole new level with Nintendo Badge Arcade, coming to Nintendo eShop as a free download* from 13th November.

In this lively arcade run by a chatty rabbit, players can take a shot at crane games and similar classic amusements, collecting badges based on Nintendo games and series like Mario Kart, Splatoon and Animal Crossing. Badges can be used to decorate the HOME Menu, with some even usable instead of the standard system icons that access, among others, Nintendo eShop and StreetPass Mii Plaza – perfect for total HOME Menu makeovers.



Every day, visitors to the arcade get five free plays on a practice machine: it only offers dummy badges, but players can win free plays for the machines packed with real badges. Plays can also be bought at a price of AU$1.30 / NZ$1.70 for five plays.

Players can show off their unique HOME Menu designs via Miiverse, and check out other creators’ designs for inspiration. There’ll be plenty to discover in the weeks and months following launch too, as the badges and machines on offer will change regularly, opening up even more customisation possibilities.

So whether you’re creating a Mario Kart-style starting grid or adding a splat of colour with the Splatoon badges, there’ll be plenty of new ways to liven up your Nintendo 3DS family system’s HOME Menu when Nintendo Badge Arcade launches in Nintendo eShop on 13th November.


*The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required. Players can download and start playing the game for free, and can purchase additional plays using Nintendo eShop funds. Plays on badge catchers in Nintendo Badge Arcade are valid only for the respective session of Nintendo Badge Arcade. An Internet connection is required during play. In case the Internet connection is lost while playing and cannot be restored, it is recommended not to terminate the game: put the console into sleep mode to save battery and to try again later.



New Console Bundles Heading to Australia and New Zealand in Time for the Holidays

Oct 29, 2015 / News



Now is the perfect time to step into the world of Nintendo gaming at home or on the go

With Christmas fast approaching, Nintendo is introducing a number of limited console bundles to get you started on some of the hottest current and upcoming games – one featuring Nintendo 2DS and the other featuring Wii U.

Firstly, to celebrate the launch of YO-KAI WATCH™ on 5th December, two value-bundles will arrive on the same day, each including a Nintendo 2DS system (Black/Blue or White/Red) with a copy of YO-KAI WATCH, all for a suggested retail price of AU$169.95! If purchased separately, the Nintendo 2DS hardware and game would have suggested retail prices of AU$149.95 and AU$59.95 respectively.



Nintendo 2DS plays all Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games in 2D, and the system is designed to give first-time players an accessible entry point into the exciting world of Nintendo hand-held video games! The upcoming Japanese phenomenon YO-KAI WATCH makes for a great pairing, featuring hundreds of sometimes cute, sometimes spooky and usually mischievous Yo-kai that inhabit our world. Players must use their Yo-kai Watch to find Yo-kai, befriend them, and turn them into a team to battle other Yo-kai. More than 200 Yo-kai are hidden all around the world, and each Yo-kai has its own unique skills and strengths.

Coming soon on 5th November, the Mario Kart 8 + Splatoon Wii U Premium Pack will make its way to Australia and New Zealand at a suggested retail price of AU$439.95. Containing a black Wii U Premium pack console* and two of Nintendo’s global million-selling multiplayer games -  the anti-gravity racing action of Mario Kart 8 (pre-installed) and the colourful shooter Splatoon (download code**) – this Wii U bundle is the ideal bundle for anyone looking for instant fun at a great price.



If you’re new to the world of Splatoon, it’s a completely fresh take on the action shooter genre, where its online matches** pit two teams of four players against one another, competing to claim turf by covering it in their team’s colourful ink. Players can splatter opponents, and after covering the level with ink, they can transform into squids and swim quickly through their own ink or use it to take cover and hide from enemies, making for a unique gameplay experience.

Whether you’re looking for fun at home or on the go, Nintendo has you covered this Holidays with these new great-value console bundles.


* Wii U Premium Pack consists of: a Wii U console (black); Wii U GamePad (black); 32 GB internal flash memory, part of which is reserved for system data; Wii U GamePad Cradle; Wii U GamePad Stand; Wii U Console Stand; Wii U AC Adapter; Wii U GamePad AC Adapter; Sensor Bar; HDMI Cable (1.5m).

**Wireless broadband internet connection required. Internet usage charges may apply. Consult with your ISP. Registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required.





More than 3.3 million courses are now available to play globally, and these new features add even more ways to play and create in the game than ever before.

Oct 28, 2015 / News



Super Mario Maker Cover Plates for New Nintendo 3DS systems coming in November

On November 5th, a free software update for Super Mario Maker will bring new content to the hit title for the Wii U console, including the ability to add mid-level checkpoints to courses, and additional Course World categories highlighting new levels from Nintendo and partner creators outside Nintendo. More than 3.3 million courses are now available to play globally, and these new features add even more ways to play and create in the game than ever before.

With the addition of mid-level checkpoints, users now have the option to add up to two flags to their courses, allowing players to resume from the last checkpoint passed if they lose a life – rather than having to start over at the beginning of the course. Players can choose to edit and re-upload their own courses, or create new courses from scratch using this feature.

Following the update, players can also insert power-ups that are dependent on Mario’s status. For example, by attaching a Super Mushroom to a Fire Flower and placing it inside a block, Mario will receive the Super Mushroom when he is small, and the Fire Flower when he is large.

The software update also introduces Event Courses in the game’s Course World online hub. Event Courses will feature levels from partner creators outside Nintendo. One of the first Event Courses will be “Ship Love,” the winning level from the “hackathon” event that was held at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park earlier this year in co-operation with Nintendo of America*.

New Event Courses will be globally available and will be added to the listing on an ongoing basis, some of which may even feature new Mystery Mushroom transformations. Additionally, a new Official Makers section in Course World will be added after downloading the update, featuring specially selected courses, including some created by Nintendo.

Last but not least, owners of a New Nintendo 3DS system will be able to display their love for Super Mario Maker with a brand new set of Cover Plates for their handheld system, coming to shops on November 28th.


The free software update for Super Mario Maker on Wii U is planned to go live on November 5th. For more information about Super Mario Maker, visit:



*Facebook is the first outside partner in the US to design a course for Super Mario Maker. Employees had the opportunity to design and present their creations to a panel of judges before the winning course was selected.









Oct 23, 2015 / News


Team up with a compatible amiibo in online doubles, or battle tough CPU opponents in the new Knockout Challenge mode

Coming exclusively to Wii U on November 21st in Australia and New Zealand, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash offers brand new fun for court competitors, including the ability to team up with amiibo. Supported amiibo* can be your partner in online doubles matches, or join you to battle strong computer-controlled opponents in the offline Knockout Challenge mode. The more matches your amiibo plays, the more experience it’ll gain, becoming a uniquely powerful team-mate as its abilities increase over time.



New faces like Rosalina also hit the courts, along with returning characters like Luigi, Waluigi, Boo and more for tennis with a distinct Mushroom Kingdom twist. On top of standard shots like topspin, lobs, slices and more, the new Ultra Smash move sees characters leap high into the air and smash the ball down to devastating effect. Adept tennis tacticians can also gain the advantage by hitting the right shot while standing in the coloured Chance Areas that occasionally appear, unleashing super-strong smashes or bamboozling slices to flummox adversaries on the other side of the net.

Using a combination of controllers including the Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller and Classic Controller Pro, up to four players can get together in supported modes for lively tennis battles. And with a choice of camera angles, there’ll be no more defeats blamed on having to play on the far side of the court – the TV and GamePad screen can each show a different end of the court, so both teams will always have the perfect view.                                                                                  

An array of gameplay modes offer plenty of opportunities for tennis tomfoolery:

  • Knockout Challenge: Tense tiebreak matches against increasingly difficult computer-controlled opponents await in this single-player mode. If the going gets too tough, you can call in a supported amiibo as your doubles partner.
  • Mega Battle: Your character grows to gigantic proportions after grabbing a Mega Mushroom, dominating the court with their increased power and range. When rivals on both sides of the net are giant-sized, anything can happen!
  • Classic Tennis: For those who prefer their tennis a little more traditional, Classic Tennis offers two variations: Standard mode features Chance Shots and Jump Shots but no Mega Mushrooms, while Simple puts competitors between the tramlines with no Chance Shots or power-ups – a real test of tennis prowess.
  • Online multiplayer: Go up against distant adversaries from all over the world in competitive ranked play in either Mega Battle or Classic Tennis modes, or quickly jump into more casual matches. Two players on the same console can team up to take on all-comers, or a supported amiibo can join you on as your doubles partner on the online courts.

As a limited launch offer, anyone who purchases Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash from Nintendo eShop in its first four weeks on sale will receive a download code for the Nintendo 64 game Mario Tennis on Wii U Virtual Console. This N64 title not only kick-started Mario’s tennis career, it also introduced the world to Waluigi for the very first time.

Compete to see who the top seed is in your household, train up a compatible amiibo as a powerful doubles partner and match up against online opponents in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, coming to Wii U in Australia and New Zealand on November 21st. Two colourful new controller designs – Wii Remote Plus Toad and Wii Remote Plus Bowser – will also be available on the same day. To get a taste of the tennis action, check out the Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash trailer!

* Currently available compatible amiibo include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Rosalina, Wario, and Donkey Kong.







Oct 22, 2015 / News



A digital board game set in the charming world of Animal Crossing sets the stage for fan-favourite new entries in Nintendo’s “toy-to-life” amiibo range

Get ready to take your friends and family to Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, launching exclusively for Wii U on November 21st. Take part in a digital board game set in the charming world of Animal Crossing, a series where players live in a unique and evolving town, make friends with the animal villagers and live life at their own leisure. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival invites up to four players - and their brand new amiibo - to a board that evolves as you play.  

By using amiibo figures from the Animal Crossing series*, players can take control of fan-favourite characters like Isabelle, Tom Nook and K.K. and watch them come to life as they travel across the board, trying to collect as many Happy Points as possible. Players tap their amiibo figure to the Wii U GamePad to roll the dice and move along the board, with each space involving their character in a short sketch. These sketches see the characters star in quirky adventures around the town, whether it’s singing at the station for more Bells (the local currency in Animal Crossing), taking a trip to the shops, or visiting the town’s museum. Sketches don’t just affect your Bells and Happy Points, but show the world of Animal Crossing and its inhabitants in fun new ways that are sure to put a grin on everyone’s face.



Each board game session takes place across an in-game month, with each turn representing a different day. Players can experience all four seasons, with each month offering unique events to participate in, from Fishing Tourneys and Bug-Offs to the risky but rewarding turnip trade. Every Sunday, Joan will come to town selling turnips, and players will have to sell any turnips they buy before the following Sunday. The turnip prices are different on each space, so you might land on a high-value space and make a bundle by selling your stalk portfolio, or see your investment aspirations go down the drain by having to sell them for less than you paid.

As Happy Points are collected, they can be saved to each Animal Crossing amiibo and used to unlock new emotions and costumes, with a total of five each per character. It’s not just your character’s appearance that will change over time, as the town can also evolve as you play. As you invest more time in the game, new buildings can be constructed in the town and additional routes can be unlocked, providing players with new ways to play over time.

Anyone with a copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and a New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL system** will also be able to save any homes they have designed to an Animal Crossing amiibo card, then import it into Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and see it appear on the game board’s town.

On top of that, players can use their collection of Animal Crossing amiibo cards*** to take part in a variety of minigames. Test your Animal Crossing knowledge in the Quiz Show, or pop as many balloons as you can and stick your landing on Balloon Island. In Desert Island Escape, make use of each animal’s different skills, find materials and evade enemies on dozens of islands as you attempt to construct a raft and float to safety within seven days.

The celebration never ends with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival for the Wii U console as it launches in Australia and New Zealand on 21st November. The game will be available as a bundle with an Isabelle amiibo, as well as Goldie, Stitches, and Rosie amiibo cards, and as a special bonus, the bundle will come with a Digby amiibo for a limited time. amiibo figures of Cyrus, Lottie, Reese, Mabel, K.K. and Tom Nook, as well as an amiibo triple pack including Cyrus, K.K. and Reese, will also all be available to purchase separately on 21st November.



* At least one Animal Crossing amiibo is required to play the board game.

** Also possible with a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS system using the NFC Reader/Writer accessory (sold separately).

*** At least one Animal Crossing amiibo card is required to play minigames.

**** Isabelle and Digby amiibo will also be available to purchase separately.


About amiibo:

amiibo are interactive figures and cards that do different things in a variety of compatible Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games. The amiibo required to play Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival are the latest in Nintendo’s toy-to-life series of figures. Players tap the amiibo on the Wii U GamePad and watch as their characters come to life within the game and level up with each use.






Oct 15, 2015 / News



The Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi universes are stapled together in a hilarious new RPG arriving just in time for the holidays

The Mushroom Kingdom is about to learn that two Marios are better than one in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.! Releasing on December 10th for Nintendo 3DS family systems, the fifth instalment of the popular RPG series will see Paper Mario jump off the page and form a superstar team of Mario Bros. to take on the only thing more threatening to the Mushroom Kingdom than one Bowser: two of them!     



When Luigi accidentally opens a mysterious book hidden away in Peach’s Castle, he gets more than he bargained for when characters from the Paper Mario universe spill out of the pages and start running amok. Players must take control of the terrific trio of Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario to defeat Bowser and Paper Bowser and bring the Paper Mario characters back to their original world.

Adding Paper Mario to their ranks means that Mario and Luigi have even more ways to explore, solve puzzles and take down any enemies foolish enough to mess with the Mario Bros. In a first for the series, players can now battle with Trio Attacks, as well as use Paper Mario’s unique copy ability, allowing him to create duplicates of himself in order to bolster his attack power. Our papery hero also has special skills outside of battle, like his ability to slip through tiny cracks to areas inaccessible to the three-dimensional brothers.




Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. will also see the introduction of Paper Craft Battles, tasking players with taking down the Bowsers’ forces with the power of dance! Craft battles see our heroes take part in rhythm-based events in order to power a giant papercraft and use it to defeat giant papercrafts from Bowser’s army.

Avoid a “tearable” fate as Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. for Nintendo 3DS family systems launches in Australia and New Zealand on 10th December.





Oct 2, 2015 / News



The Japanese Phenomenon Prepares to Take the World by Storm

.Yo-kai Watch is a multi-billion dollar franchise and cultural sensation in Japan, and from December 5, Australia and New Zealand will get their chance to experience the excitement when the massively popular role-playing game YO-KAI WATCH™ launches for Nintendo 3DS. Based on an original concept from top Japanese entertainment company LEVEL-5, Inc., Nintendo Australia, Hasbro and Channel 9’s GO! channel have teamed up to bring the Japanese phenomenon to local shores.



But what is a Yo-kai anyway? Is it a spirit? A monster? A ghost? Nope – a Yo-kai is … well, it’s just a Yo-kai! You might not see them because they’re invisible, but they’re all around you every day. And they’re often mischievous, mysterious pranksters who like to make trouble for you. Lose your homework, can’t keep a secret or find yourself running late to everything? Yo-kai probably made you do it. The Yo-kai are based on common concerns kids have, and by confronting those concerns, kids can learn to overcome them.

When YO-KAI WATCH launches for Nintendo 3DS on December 5, you can explore the world using your Yo-kai Watch to discover more than 200 Yo-kai, then befriend them and turn them into a team to battle other Yo-kai. Each Yo-kai has its own unique skills and strengths, so you must use them to challenge troublemaking Yo-kai and help people in the game solve their daily problems. In Japan, the three YO-KAI WATCH 2 games accounted for three of the six best-selling console and hand-held games in Japan for 2014.

In December, Channel 9’s GO! channel will debut the animated comedy series YO-KAI WATCH. The show follows the hilarious misadventures of an average boy and his involvement with the mischievous Yo-kai all around him. Our young hero obtains a special watch, empowering him to discover and summon Yo-kai, befriend them and then work together to solve everyday problems … problems that are often caused by other troublemaking Yo-kai!

The fun continues in Q1 2016 when Hasbro will introduce innovative play experiences for the Yo-kai Watch franchise, with the line set to include toys centred around collectible medals, each representing a unique Yo-kai.

In Japan, the TV program has been the top-rated animated show on TV TOKYO for kids 4-12 years old. Within 18 months since launch, the franchise has sold more than USD $2 billion in retail merchandise, and more than 8 million units of Nintendo 3DS video games have been sold in Japan alone.

The cultural sensation comes to Australia and New Zealand when YO-KAI WATCH launches for Nintendo 3DS on December 5.



Oct 1, 2015 / News

Fan Created Levels Have Been Played a Whopping 75 Million Times by Fellow Mario Fans around the World

With over 310 million units sold worldwide in the Super Mario franchise, it is clear to see that for the last 30 years, Super Mario fans have proven to be some of the most passionate, loyal and dedicated video game fans in the world. Since Super Mario Maker for Wii U launched on September 12*, it is clear to see that dedication continues, as today it was revealed that more than one million units** have been sold around the world so far, making Super Mario Maker the 32nd game in the Super Mario franchise to sell at least one million units globally.



With Super Mario Maker, Nintendo has a new way to measure fan engagement: level creation, and the addition of one million new “fan” developers has led to the creation of more than 2.2 million Mario courses, which combined have been played nearly 75 million times.

Using the touch screen of the Wii U GamePad controller, Super Mario Maker players can create levels in four different Super Mario game styles. The game offers dozens of enemies, items and power-ups, and lets people design everything from the terrain to where to place Warp Pipes. Completed levels can then be uploaded and enjoyed by other players around the world. Some seem simple, some offer fun challenges and some prove maddeningly difficult – it all depends on the designer. But everyone can find courses to enjoy and may find some courses to provide insightful inspiration for their own new creations.

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Sep 28, 2015 / News


Set out into the Drablands – solo, or alongside two other players – to unravel the mystery of  the curse placed upon the Princess of Hytopia

In just over three weeks, form a legendary trio with your friends and tackle dungeons and boss battles together in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, coming to Nintendo 3DS family systems on October 24. Presented in the same top-down style as the critically-acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, prepare to solve inventive puzzles as a team and kit out Link in a range of outfits to enable new abilities that enhance your adventure.

In the Kingdom of Hytopia, a fashion-obsessed realm where sartorial elegance is celebrated, an evil witch has placed a mysterious curse upon Princess Styla, casting the realm into disarray. With citizens calling for the return of a legendary trio of “Totem Heroes” to protect them, and King Tuft offering a unique reward for whosoever lifts the curse, venture into the Drablands to hunt down the witch and restore peace and stylishness to the land.


Buddy up with two similarly heroic friends via online* or local multiplayer, and co-operatively solve puzzles in environments ranging from lava-strewn volcanoes to icy caverns. Only by working as a team will you be able to progress through the various hazards lying in wait, but for those who master an area, bonus challenges can be unlocked for access to more valuable rewards. In order to communicate with friends during gameplay, you can send instructions using in-game emoticons, such as asking for their urgent assistance in taking down an enemy, or even in helping form a Totem, a new gameplay mechanic whereby all three Links can stack up on top of one another, making it possible to reach new locations.

Solo adventurers can choose to take on the perils of the Drablands in single-player format, equipped with a pair of replica Link figures called “doppels” that come to life on command, allowing you to control each one in turn. However, with Download Play functionality, players can always link up with two other Nintendo 3DS system-owning friends to take on the action, even if they don’t have a copy of the game.

To fit the fashion-focused world of Hytopia, meanwhile, collecting in-game materials lets you order stylish outfits at Madame Couture’s shop for Link to wear, with each one giving special abilities to help tackle the action. While fans of The Legend of Zelda series will recognise certain pieces, such as a “Goron Garb” outfit that allows you to swim in lava, or a “Zora Costume” that lets you swim with greater speed, with over 30 outfits to acquire, you can experiment with different looks in order to best tackle each area of the Drablands.


Finally, to share your great acts of teamwork and skill with others, secure a camera from the Photo Bro character managing the in-game Miiverse Gallery and snap away whilst out exploring the wilds of the Drablands. As well as posting these snaps to Miiverse, you can even unlock Miiverse stamps for each outfit you unlock in-game, which you can apply exclusively to your hand-drawn creations.

Assemble two of your most heroic friends and solve challenging puzzles together as the saviours of Hytopia in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, coming to Nintendo 3DS family systems on October 24.

For a full overview of what lies in store, check out this extended trailer on YouTube!



* Broadband wireless Internet connection required.