Apr 13, 2011 / News


Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo's new device which offers portable entertainment in 3D without the need for special glasses, launched in Australia on 31 March and has already sold through more than 31,000* units!

This has been achieved in only four days, and gives Nintendo 3DS the record for best handheld launch in Australia. Nintendo's popular home console Wii holds the record for biggest week one sell through for any console, selling through slightly more than Nintendo 3DS with 32,000* units in its first week on sale, and has gone on to sell through more than 2.1 million* since its December 2006 launch.

Nintendo 3DS introduces players to a whole new world of gaming, with features including pre-installed 3D software such as AR Games (augmented reality), embedded motion sensor, the ability to watch 3D videos and take 3D photographs, and StreetPass. Not only can Nintendo 3DS software be played on the device, but also most existing Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi software can too.**

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* Sales data collected by Nintendo from retail partner reporting

** Some Nintendo DS software cannot be used on the Nintendo 3DS system. Only 3D-compatible Nintendo 3DS software can be played in 3D. Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi software cannot be displayed in 3D