Kirby's Epic Yarn on Wii - Bursting At The Seams With Fun

Jan 31, 2011 / News


Nintendo announces that Kirby's Epic Yarn(TM) will be available on Wii(TM) from 24 February 2011. Play as the lovable Kirby(TM) in a world where everything is made of yarn and fabric in this delightful platform game that is suitable for all ages. Join Kirby on his biggest, woolliest adventure yet!

Everything in Kirby's Epic Yarn is styled to reflect the game's inventive textile theme, from its charming environments and devious enemies to Kirby himself. Players can tug on zippers, swing on buttons and pull on stray threads to reveal hidden areas. A new yarn whip allows Kirby to disarm and unravel his foes or roll them up into balls of yarn that can be lobbed at obstacles.


Kirby can transform into amazing new forms of all shapes and sizes. As you dodge obstacles and clear levels, you'll be able to transform Kirby into new forms such as Car Kirby, 2-Ton Kirby and Parachute Kirby. Special level-specific transformations include Tank Kirby, Surfboard Kirby and Spaceship Kirby! All of this makes Kirby's Epic Yarn a unique action platform game - and one that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, too!

In Kirby's Epic Yarn, a powerful sorcerer named Yin-Yarn transports Kirby to a realm called Patch Land. Along with the fearless Prince Fluff, Kirby must recover strands of magic yarn that will help keep this wondrous cloth-based kingdom from coming completely unravelled.


Kirby's Epic Yarn contains a two player mode as well! Choose to play as Kirby or Prince Fluff when you play with a friend or family member on your quest to weave Kirby's patchwork land back together.

Unravel the fun with Kirby's Epic Yarn on Wii.

Kirby's Epic Yarn SRP AU $99.95 / SRP NZ $129.00*

*Based on currency conversion rates as at 27 January 2011

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