New Super Mario Bros. 2
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New Super Mario Bros. 2

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Genre: Platform

Rating: General, G

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: Out Now

Players: 1 to 2

New Super Mario Bros. 2


Mario Hits the Mushroom Kingdom Jackpot3DS_New_Super_Mario_Bros_2_Mario_char01.jpg

Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach, but this time, Mario has another objective. The Mushroom Kingdom is bursting with more gold coins than before. Each level is littered with gold as coins rain down from overhead pipes, trails of coins are left behind special gold enemies and gold pipes transport Mario into coin-filled caverns. It’s up to players to collect as many coins as possible throughout their adventure.



- The game records all the coins players collect throughout the game, so completing a level is only part of the fun. Every level is filled with golden opportunities, such as gold rings that turn enemies into valuable gold versions and a Gold Flower that gives Mario the ability to turn almost anything in his path into coins.

- The return of Raccoon Mario gives Mario the ability to fly and access hidden areas.

- Players will have the option to either purchase the game at retail stores or download the entire game through the Nintendo eShop.

Please note: you can only appreciate the 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL on the system itself. Game visuals display in 2D on Nintendo 2DS. All screenshots and game footage on this site are captured in 2D mode.

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Rating - General