Game & Watch™ Donkey Kong Jr.

Game & Watch™ Donkey Kong Jr.

Nintendo Points: 200

Platform: DSiWare

Genre: Action

Rating: General, G

Publisher: Nintendo

Players: 1

Game & Watch™ Donkey Kong Jr.

Experience a piece of Nintendo history with the Game & Watch series for Nintendo DSiWare. Each title is a perfect recreation of a classic LCD game from the early 1980s, including normal Game A and alternate Game B modes.

And no Game & Watch title would be complete without the ‘Watch’ function - each title includes a fully functional clock.

In Donkey Kong Jr., the great ape has been captured by Mario. As DK’s son, you must rescue your father by collecting keys to unlock his cage. Jump and climb, dodge crocodiles and birds, and make a well-timed leap to reach the swinging key. In Game B, enemies move faster, and the time Donkey Kong Jr. can hang onto vines is shorter.

Rating - General