You, Me, and the Cubes™

You, Me, and the Cubes™

Nintendo Points: 500

Platform: WiiWare

Genre: Puzzle

Rating: General, G

Publisher: Nintendo

Players: 1 to 2

Supported Controllers :


You, Me, and the Cubes™

Did you know there are little fellows called Fallos living inside your Wii Remote? Fallos love to hang out on cubes, but their weight makes the cubes sway and tilt so it’s up to you to keep the Fallos from falling! Fallos always travel in pairs, so fling two Fallos at a time onto a cube by swinging down your Wii Remote. But flinging Fallos willy-nilly won’t get you far, you have to place them carefully to keep the cube balanced – and all this against the clock. You’ll need to think and react quickly to succeed, especially when mischievous Pale Fallos appear to disturb your Fallos and tip the cube off balance. Not to mention the freeze or pulse cubes that make it even more perilous. But fear not, for you and the Fallos will eventually succeed. You can even call on a friend to help, synchronising your movements to fling Fallos together for the ultimate teamwork test!
Rating - General